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Bartolomeu Dias
“To serve God and his
Majesty, to give light to
those who were in
darkness and to grow
rich as all men desire”
Shannon & Kenzie
Who is Bartolomeu Dias?
Bartolomeu Dias is a Portguguese explorer in the
1500s and a nobleman of the royal household ,
who sailed around the southern most tip of Africa.
He did this in 1488 and became the first European
known to do this at this time.
Why did Dias go exploring?
Dias was a knight of the royal court and a sailing- master of
the man-of-war to Saint Christopher. King John II of Portugal
appointed him on October 6,1486 to head an expedition to
sail around the southern end of Africa. Dias went exploring
because of the 3 G’s – Gold, Glory and God. Dias wanted
the money because it would enable him to continue to travel.
He also wanted the glory to become a great explorer. Lastly,
he wanted to serve his king and god to get the praise and
the glory out of it.
What was their goal?
King Johns hope was to find another trade route to India.
John wanted to know if you could sail around Africa to get to
Asia. Another purpose of the exploration was to try and
revisit the countries reported by Joao Alfonso de Aveiro.
What route did Dias chose to
take and why?
Bartolomeu Dias sailed down the west coast of Africa. He
took that trade route because they were convinced that
sailing around Africa they would find a route to India.
What did he find? Why was that
Dias found a piece of land that sticks out into the sea. He
named that piece of land “Cape of Storms” which King John
renamed it “Cape of Good Hope”. He also discovered the
sea route around Africa so for the first time Europeans could
travel directly to India and other parts of Asia without using
the route through the Middle East of Europe.
How did your explorer finance his
King John II of Portugal financed Dias’s
exploration. Dias departed with two
armed caravels of fifty tons each and
one supply ship.
What did he take with him?
Dias was accompanied by Pero d’Alemquer (wrote a
description of de Gama’s first voyage), Leitao, Joao Infante,
Alvaro Martins and Joao Grego. Pero Dias, Bartolomeu’s
brother, was commanded the supply ship. He took his
slaves (2 black men and 4 women) with him.
How did this affect his trip?
The black slaves served a purpose in Africa. They would
interpret what was being said among the villages so that the
Portuguese could understand them. Also the slaves would
tell the villages how great the Portuguese were.
Why was this trip so important?
This trip was important because the charts Dias created
would be used later by other famous explorers. Bartolomeu
Dias voyage to the Cape would become and important
staging-post on the route to India. That post would then
change to a port which will lead to a European colony.
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