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SXL-8 LTO Archive System

SXL-8 Components:

XenData SX-10 HP 1/8 Autoloader 1RU 1RU

XenData SX-10 LTO Archive Appliance


PS2 keyboard and mouse connectors Two USB ports Monitor (VGA) Two 1 GigE network connections Dual port 6 Gb/s SAS Ports for connection to LTO drives or tape library

HP 1/8 Autoloader

One LTO-6 drive – read and write compatible with 2.5TB LTO-6 and 1.5TB LTO-5 cartridges One mail slot for importing and exporting LTO cartridges 7 slots for LTO cartridges

XenData SXL-8

Archive and restore just like writing to and reading from disk The XenData software on the SX-10 virtualizes disk, LTO autoloader and off-line LTO cartridges, presenting them as a single volume: LTO autoloader + + Externalized LTO = 4TB Internal disk in SX-10 disk

XenData SXL-8

Manage Unlimited Externalized Cartridges The system manages any number of externalized cartridges, providing an unlimited total capacity. There are no license fees for externalized capacity.

When offline files are accessed, the system prompts with email alerts and on-screen notifications, identifying the cartridge that should be imported back into the system.

XenData SXL-8

Built-in Data Protection The system will automatically create extra backup copies of LTO cartridges for offsite retention.

XenData SXL-8

Great Compatibility  File/folder interface means the solution works with most applications – from MAMs to Windows Explorer to Finder.

 No need to load any special software on client computers.  Supports multiple simultaneous applications. Multiple LTO cartridge groups can be configured for each application by mapping folders to specific cartridge groups.

XenData SXL-8

Great Compatibility

XenData SXL-8

Support Windows, Mac and FTP Clients – plus local transfers  Windows, Mac and FTP clients are natively supported.

 Locally the archive volume appears as a logical drive letter.

XenData SXL-8

Fast Archiving   At disk speed.

The system does not wait for LTO cartridges to be mounted.

XenData SXL-8

Fast Restoring   The system restores queues of files in the shortest possible time.

Restore requests are processed to tape order to minimize unnecessary tape movement.

XenData SXL-8

Partial Restore Capable  Allows a clip to be restored from LTO without need to restore the whole file.

XenData SXL-8

LTFS Prevents Vendor Lock-In LTO cartridges are written in either the exchange LTFS format or the open standard TAR format.

The use of a standard format prevents vendor lock-in – proprietary formats make it very costly to ever switch to another vendor.

XenData SXL-8

Industry Standard Security The SX-10 archive appliance integrates fully with the Microsoft security model based on Active Directory.

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