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Ancient China
7th Grade Paragon
• Large land area
• Natural barriers isolate
• North China Plain
– Rich soil deposits from Huang River
• Loess
– Surrounded by highlands
– Mostly dry, summer monsoon
• Southern China
– Warm and wet
Huang He/Yellow River
• Fertile Soil
• Trade
• Travel
• Earliest dynasty – Around 2000 BC-1500 BC
• No written records, artifacts only (farmers, made pottery)
Primary Sources
– Possibly Legend
• Yu the Engineer
• 1532-1027 BC
• Written evidence
• 1st Chinese cities with palaces and temples, huge earthen
• Rich-Cities, rest lived on farms
• First to use Sericulture (Silk Farming)
• Young honored Old, kids respected adults, honored dead
ancestors and thought they would bring them good fortune
The Family in China
• First responsibility is family
•As many as five generations lived together
–Rich families in one home
–Poor/Peasants live in small cottages close together
•Oldest man in charge
–Arranged marriages
–Punish for disrespect
–Property divided among sons
The Family in China
• Women lower status then men
–“Three obediences”
• Obey fathers in youth
•Husbands in marriage
•Sons in widowhood
–“Four Virtues”
•Morality, Modesty, Proper Speech, Domestic Skills
•Family Names passed down
–Last, First
• King-power from spirits
– Oracle Bones- writing
• Fight over land
• Huge divide between rich and poor
– Rich had horses and bronze weapons, poor had
feet and stones
• Division led to conquer by Chou
• Started Chinese New Year celebration
• First Chinese writing system
Zhou (Chou) Dynasty
• Lasted longest
• Feudal system developed: Three classes
– Upper class: wealthy and powerful lords
– Middle class: warriors who supported the upper class
– Lower class: peasants and slaves
• Upper class made middle and lower class pay
taxes to create walls around city, build roads,
• Different states, did not get along . Because they
were not unified they were conquered by Qin
Zhou (Chou) Dynasty Philosophy
• Confucius
• Goal to change government
• Everyone should treat
others with respect
• Leaders should be honest
and honorable
• Lao Tse
• Man should live in harmony
with nature
• Did not believe in war
• Did not agree with too
many laws
• "The more laws that are
written, the more criminals
are produced."
- Lao-Tse
Mandate of Heaven
• A good and just emperor has divine approval
and will last, Bad rulers lose the blessing
• Natural disasters and rebellion caused by
• Led to pattern of rise, rule, decline, fall, repeat
– Known as Dynastic Cycle
Inventions by Chinese
paper -- first manufactured paper
printing -- first used to distribute religious writing
wheelbarrow -- used to help with large loads
seismograph -- first earthquake detector
compass -- navigation tool
acupuncture -- this is a technique of using many needles to heal or relieve
porcelain -- used to make wonderful dishes to serve tea
novels -- earliest books were printed in ancient China
tea -- first to discover and brew tea
gunpowder -- changed the way that wars were fought
paper money -- first to have light-weight paper money
the kite -- made with silk
fireworks -- used to scare away enemies and for entertainment
restaurants -- common people could eat out quite cheaply
calligraphy -- a great form of Chinese art/writing