Every Women Should Lead A Double Life

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Transcript Every Women Should Lead A Double Life

The Alberta 5
By: Alyssa Pittman & Liz Dorey
• The Alberta 5
consisted of 5 main
women who devoted
there time to fighting
for women's rights.
• Nellie McClung,
Louise McKinney ,
Emily Murphy, Irene
Parlby, Henrietta Muir
Nellie L. McClung
Nellie L. McClung (18731951), novelist, journalist,
suffragette and
temperance worker.
• She was a member of the
Alberta legislature, the
only woman on the
Dominion War Council,
and the first woman on the
CBC Board of Governors.
Louise McKinney
• Louise McKinney (18681931), politician and
temperance campaigner.
She was president of the
Dominion Women's
Christian Union and
elected to the Alberta
legislature in 1917 as
representative of the nonpartisan league.
Irene Parlby
• Irene Parlby (1868-1965),
suffragette and politician.
She was elected president
of the women's branch of
the United Farmers of
Alberta in 1916 and
became a member of the
Alberta legislature in
1921. She was still a
member of Parliament at
the time of the "Persons"
Emily Murphy
• Emily Murphy (1868-1933),
instigator of the "Persons" Case,
writer and first woman
magistrate in the British
Empire. She instigated married
women's rights, was national
president of the Canadian
Women's Press Club, 19131920, vice-president of the
National Council of Women
and first president of the
Federated Women's Institutes of
Henrietta Muir Edwards
Henrietta Muir Edwards (18491931), journalist, suffragist and
organizer, fought for equal
rights for wives, mothers'
allowances and women's rights.
• She started the Working Girls'
Association in Montreal in
1875, a forerunner of the
YWCA. Later, while living in
Alberta, she compiled two
works on Alberta and federal
laws affecting women and
• The men and women who belonged to
suffrage societies tended to be members of
the Anglo-Saxon Protestant middle-class.
The leaders of these societies generally
were highly educated professionals, or
leaders of the Social Gospel Movement, and
their goals tended toward the preservation
of British essence and heritage in Canada .
Imagine This
• Imagine (whether male or female), you go to bed tonight and
tomorrow when you wake up…women no longer matter. There’s no
girls soccer team, the lucky women who have been able to keep their
jobs no longer get paid 7.60, yea you thought your pay was bad now.
“Well here’s five dollars, it’s all the change I have in my pocket”.
Why? Because he can, because the law says he can. The law had no
place for women because, well the law was made for “persons” and as
we all know, women where not “persons”. Now imagine waking up
tomorrow and your father is kicking you out. Not leaving, but kicking
you, your siblings and you mother out onto the streets, simply because
he no longer wants to be a family man. Fortunately today, that
wouldn’t happen. Women have rights but if it wasn’t for the famous
five we wouldn’t. Not unless someone else did.