Public Interest Alberta

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Transcript Public Interest Alberta

Aims and Goals of Public Interest Alberta
› Focus on Living Wage Campaign
Summary of the Activities I performed
 Discussion of the role Public Interest
Alberta has in the Canadian Democratic
What is Public Interest Alberta and what
do they do?
 Who does PIA strive to help?
 Who does PIA work in cooperation with?
 What are their main areas of focus, i.e.
what are their task forces about?
What is a Living Wage?
 What are the statistics about child and
family poverty in Alberta?
 What is PIA’s stance on Living Wages
and poverty reduction, and what do
they plan to do about it?
Background Research and Reading
 Attend a Board Meeting
 Attend Rallies
 Help in Distribution of Annual Report on
Child Poverty
 Citizenship and Equality
 “Power To”
PIA enhances the democratic process
› How does it enhance the process?
› What is PIA’s role in democracy?
 Edmonton Social Planning Council.
(2008). We Can Do Better: Toward an
Alberta Child Poverty Reduction Strategy
for Children and Families. Edmonton, AB
 Public Interest Alberta. (2007). Impacting
our Lives: Advocacy that Matters Annual
Report. Edmonton, AB
 Public Interest Alberta. (2005). Working
Poor or Making a Living? The reality of
low wages in Alberta. Edmonton, AB