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Post WWII/
Civil Rights
What was the Supreme Court decision
called that declared the separate-butequal policy unconstitutional?
Brown v. Board of
Who favored bringing about social
change through nonviolence?
Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr.
Was the idea that the 1956 flag
was hard for students to draw
given as a reason to change it?
What was the focus of the Albany
Movement in Georgia?
To integrate interstate bus station
waiting rooms in Albany
What was the purpose of the Sibley
To study the problem of
school integration
What did the Sibley Commission
It decided to allow local school
systems to decide if they wanted
integration or to shut down.
Who was the first African-American
mayor of Atlanta
Maynard Jackson
Who was one of the first blacks to be
admitted to the University of Georgia?
Charlayne Hunter
With what is the Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech
The March on Washington, D.C.
What was unique about the term of
Gov. Ellis Arnall?
He was the first governor of Georgia to serve a
term of four years.
During the Three Governors Episode,
where did Governor Ellis Arnall set
up his office?
Capitol information booth.
Which political leader was involved
in Georgia’s infamous Three
Governors Episode of 1946?
Herman Talmadge
In what area did Herman
Talmadge make his greatest
contributions as governor?
Which Georgian served as mayor of
Atlanta, and was instrumental in
bringing the Olympics to Atlanta?
Andrew Jackson Young
The Supreme Court's decision in Brown v.
Board of Education (1954) struck down which
practice that had been in place since
The practice of "separate but equal"
schools for black and white students
What was one accomplishment of
Ivan Allen Jr.?
He took a stand against segregation in
Is it a fact that Lester Maddox
integrated the Georgia State Patrol?
In what state did the Albany
Movement Occur?
What motto is represented in
the pledge of allegiance to the
Georgia flag?
Wisdom, Justice, Moderation
Who was the mayor of Atlanta
responsible for bringing
professional athletic teams to the
Ivan Allen Jr.
Why did companies
move to Atlanta, GA?
Mild Climate
Low Tax Rate
Few/weak unions
Why did the number of farmers in
Georgia decline after WWII?
Tractors were being used more
The GI Bill provided other
Along with being the president of
Atlanta’s Morehouse College, this
educator was best known for being
the spiritual/mentor of Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr.?
Benjamin Mays
How did William Hartsfield
promote civil rights in Atlanta?
Integrated cities lunch counters and
hired the cities first black police
Which Atlanta mayor integrated the city’s fire
department and removed the “colored” and
“white” signs from City Hall?
Ivan Allen Jr.
Which BEST describes the Civil
Rights Act of 1964?
It made segregation and racial
discrimination illegal.
Under the administration of William
Hartsfield, racial moderation in Atlanta
included the integration of what?
Lunch Counters
How many terms as governor
did Lester Maddox serve?