Environmental Issues in Europe

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Transcript Environmental Issues in Europe

Environmental Issues in Europe

S S 6 G 8 : T H E S T U D E N T W I L L D I S C U S S / E X P L A I N E N V I R O N M E N T A L I S S U E S I N E U R O P E

Areas of focus

Air pollution in the United Kingdom Acid Rain in Germany

Air Pollution in the United Kingdom     London (capital of UK is famous for air pollution) The word smog was first used to describe the air in London.

SMOG-Air pollution caused by sunlight acting on the gases from automobiles and factory exhausts.

Hangs over cities in the UK


     Water in the air mixes with smoke particles from a coal fire UK’s major natural resources: Oil, natural gas, and coal Manufacturing uses these resources Coal is cheap and available and was used during the Industrial Revolution Coal still continues to fuel the UK’s power plants and burns in fireplaces/stoves

The Great Smog of 1952

Smog was so dense that, for four days, the people in London could not see what was in front of them.


-Transportation slowed -Crime increased -Thousands of people died from the pollution -People began to worry about the quality of air they were breathing in.

Sources of air pollution?

  Smoke and sulfur dioxide from burning fossil fuels Exhaust from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles

Sources of air pollution


    Asthma and pneumonia are linked to vehicle emissions.

Burns lungs, nose, and eyes and endangers human life.

Keeps children and senior citizens indoors Blackens buildings and threatens wildlife



         Banning coal fires?

Smokeless zones for smokeless fuels?

Cleaner coals?

Increased use of electricity?

Use of gas Limits on industry Laws to build vehicles that produce less harmful exhaust Checks of air quality Drive less and use cleaner forms of energy

Acid Rain in Germany  Precipitation(hail, rain, sleet, snow) that has become acidic

Tall smokestacks in urban areas have allowed winds to spread more pollutants further away and increased the spread of acid rain into rural areas.


Causes     Pollution in the air Water vapor in the air reacts with certain chemical compounds  Ex: Sulfur Dioxide reacts to form sulfuric acid Comes from the burning of fossil fuels  Coal, gasoline, and oil Most automobiles, factories, and power plants burn these fuels for energy.

Effects     Harms thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams worldwide Kills fish and other wildlife Damages buildings, bridges, and statues.

High levels can harm forests and soil

Reducing acid rain    Devices that remove sulfur and nitrogen compounds from fuels or industrial emissions.

Compounds are removed before they reach the atmosphere Adding lime to lakes and rivers and their drainage areas neutralizes acidity temporarily


Directions: Complete the paragraph by filling in the blanks using the word bank on the screen

       Acid Rain Air Pollution Asthma Cause Coal Coal Effects

Word bank

       Effects Germany London Natural Resources Pollution Smog Statues