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Presented by:
Jean Bennett and Tori Waskiewicz
December 18th 2006 and January 11th 2007
We will Cover
• Using a Template
• Creating your own website
• Publishing a website
– Remote site to academic server
– FTP to webpages server
• Making changes to existing site
– Backing up sites/ working from your laptop
Template on Academic Server
• Opening the template in FrontPage: Academic
• Open FrontPage
– (If you have a site open, click file > close site)
• File > Open Site…
• In the site name text box type
• Log in
– User name: ursinus\yourusername
– Password: yourpassword
Create a New Site
• Go to File > New
• Select One Page Website
• In dialog box select One Page Web Site or Empty
Web Site
• Under Options, select destination of new site and
select Browse
• In the New Website
Location dialog box
– Select a location for the
site and click Create New
Folder (located on the top
bar of icons)
– Name folder, click Ok
– Click Open
– Click Ok
Create a New Page
• To publish in FrontPage, all files must exist
within a web folder on your computer.
These folders have a world on
the front of them.
Web Folder
Normal Folder
• Go to File > New…
• Select Blank Page
• Save the page
– (Note: Always name your “home
page” index or default and DO NOT
use spaces in file names)
– (Example – about_us.htm or
New Site in Webpages
To Publish to the Webpages Server using
• Open your website by selecting File >
Open Site…
• Make sure everything is
saved and as you want
it to appear.
• Go to File > Publish
• Select the FTP radio
New Site in Webpages cont.
• In the Remote Web site location text box, type
• NOTE: Do Not enter your username after this address. Only
type what is above. You will notice that it will still let you into
your space if you do, but the system will create a folder
called your username within your space on webpages. For
example, you will have: instead of just
• Click OK
• A login box appears. Enter
your username and
password. Be sure to type
“ursinus\” before your
username. Be sure that
you type a backslash (\)
and not a forward-slash (/).
New Site in Webpages cont.
• Once you are in, you will see the local files (what
is on your computer) on the left, and the remote
files (what is on the server) on the right. If you
have not published yet to your webspace, you will
not see anything in the remote side.
• To publish your entire site to the server (all of
your files), click the “Publish Web site” button in
the lower right corner
• Note: If you want to only publish one of the files and
not the rest: Select the file you want to publish to
the server on the Local (left) side and click the
blue arrow that points to the Remote (right) side.
This arrow is in-between the two sides.
New Site in Webpages cont.
Backing-Up Sites from Your Computer
• File > Open Site… and sign in
• Select the website folder from the
academic or webpages server
• Click Remote Website Properties…
• Select File System
– Click Browse and select where you want the
backup of the site to be saved.
• File > Close Site
Making Changes to an Existing Site
File > Open Site…
Find the website folder on your computer
Work on the website pages in FrontPage
When ready to publish follow directions for
publishing a website.
– FTP for webpages server
– FrontPage or SharePoint Services for academic