Chapter 32 Section 3: New Directions

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Transcript Chapter 32 Section 3: New Directions

New Directions
• Objectives:
• List some of the factors
responsible for discontent
among some African Americans
• Explain what new philosophies
were developed by African
Americans to deal with
New Leadership
• Civil Rights has
slow gains
• African Americans
adopt a new, more
radical approach
to fight racial
• Willingness to use
violence to protect
themselves and to
achieve just
Black Muslims
• Founded in the
1930’s by Elijah
• Embraced Islam
• Preached black
nationalism which
pushes for
separation from
whites to create
their own nation
Malcolm X
• Very gifted
speaker for the
Nation of Islam
• “Stop singing and
start swinging”
• Became more
moderate and was
assassinated in
Black Power
• Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee
(SNCC) becomes more radical
• SNCC embraces black power
• Violent acts will be justified and
preached racial distinctiveness
• Split the Civil Rights Movement
Black Panthers
• Militant black power group
• Used confrontations to force equal
• Large riots in the North and South
• Investigated by Kerner Commission
and ghettos create riot situations
Assassination of MLK
assassinated in
Tennessee on
April 4, 1968
• James Earl Ray
admitted to the
Riots in Response
• One week of
riots in
response to this