State of the Storage Channel

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Transcript State of the Storage Channel

Online Backup Growth
and Market Opportunities
TechTarget Channel Conference
Chicago, IL May 12, 2008
Company Overview
• Company Information
– 100% Y/Y Growth
– Received $5M Venture Funding
– Channel Driven Company
• Partner Support
Free 24/7 Technical Support
Dedicated Research and Development facility
Industry’s Fastest Growing Channel Program
Fanatical Customer Service
• Vital Statistics
– Expanding Partner Network Throughout North America
– 1,000 Deployments Added Worldwide Each Month
Marketscape and Opportunities
SMBs understand the implications and business need
• 90% of businesses that can’t recover from a
severe data loss are out of business within two
years – Small Business Administration
• 43% of SMBs (>500 seats) will use a service
provider for online backup – Gartner
• SMBs will increase their actual online backup
spend by 19% in 2008 – AMI Research
Online Backup Segmentation
Source: Forrester Research, Inc
Online vs. Portable Media
• Online backup is more reliable
– Virtually no risk of lost or corrupted data with online backup
– Portable media fails to restore 77% of the time – Storage Magazine
• Online backup is more secure
– Data is encrypted, stored offsite in a secure facility
• Military strength AES, Level 4 institution
• Online backup is less expensive
– No tapes, hardware, training, transportation, support
– Portable media is hands-on and labor intensive
• Online backup restores data fast
– A couple of hours vs. a few days or weeks
– Online restores from any computer, anywhere
eSureIT Partner Structure
Refer customers to us and receive monthly commissions on the
user’s monthly payments.
Your company bills the end user and we bill you monthly for all of
your users that have signed up for our service.
Volume Program
Your company purchases a block of storage at a discounted rate
and bills the end user. We bill you monthly only for the block of
Volume Branded Program
Your company purchases a block of storage at a discounted rate,
brands eSureIT as your own product, and bills the end user.
Profiting Through Enablement
• Dedicated Channel Account Manager
• Facilitator and Troubleshooter
• Technical Training
• Ongoing TechWeb education series
• Archived in the eSureIT Partner Portal
• Sales Training
• Regularly scheduled live SalesWeb training program
• Archived in the eSureIT Partner Portal
• Business and Partnership Planning
• Opportunity coaching and strategy
• Marketing Collateral
• Sales tools, ad programs, and advisors
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