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BACKUP TECHNOLOGIES Backup Technologies Revisited


DIFFERENT BACKUP QUESTIONS o o o o Physical or Virtual or Both o Full VM or Agent On-site or Off-Site or Both Application Consistent or Crash Consistent Disk or Tape or Cloud

SO WHAT ABOUT TAPES o o o Still one of the best ways for large datasets Many implications to think about for integration o How will this work with your environment o Do you need to run two backup packages to get it to tape o Do you require taking tapes off site?

LTO going up in capacity


PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT BACKUP o Normal Players o o Backup Exec ArcServ o o o Acronis Symantec System Recovery Windows Server Backup

VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT BACKUPS o o o o Veeam VRanger VMware Data Protection / Advanced (VDPA) Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM)

APPLIANCE BASED BACKUPS o o Big Players o Barracuda Products o Dattos Products o Dell AppAssure Benefits o Have Data on-site for quick backups and restore o Ability to link to a cloud for long term retention and DR o Timing of backups / DeDuplication / Compression

SOFTWARE /CLOUD HYBRID o o o Big Players o o o o o Veeam Backup & Replication Carbonite Mozy Crashplan Others… Benefits o Cheaper plans up front, no hardware costs Downside o o o Lots of bandwidth usage Little control of bandwidth based on backup time Totally reliant on cloud & internet to do a restore

NETWORK DEVICE BACKUPS o How to backup network devices o o o o o Routers Firewalls Switches Phone Systems Others… o Backup Configurations with FTP/SFTP?

o Open source software? Rancid, Zenoss