Evaluation of GeSCI

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Transcript Evaluation of GeSCI

Evaluation of GeSCI
Preliminary Findings
GeSCI Evaluation
• GeSCI is making a difference
Mission is relevant
Modes of operation appropriate
Choice of focus countries sensible
Knowledge products relevant
GeSCI Evaluation
• GeSCI has
• considerable knowledge of what works
with ICTs for education
• A well-qualified and motivated staff
• Some useful experience and processes
GeSCI Evaluation:Comments on
• Clear gains in Namibia and Ghana
• Problems caused by early withdrawal
Namibia, and diversification, Ghana
• Gains in Bolivia and India but…
• Telecenters? REI
• Knowledge Products needed and TCO
on correct lines
GeSCI Evaluation: Problems
• Now at a critical juncture
Mission may lack focus
Not widely known
Knowledge base held by staff
Staff insufficiently consulted
Internal procedures not robust
Financial planning and monitoring weak
ED and DD leaving shortly
GeSCI Evaluation: Challenges
• Challenges include
Redefine mission and get greater focus
Ensure that mission and work widely known
More donors
Establish GeSCI as Knowledge Organisation
Improve communications with staff
Establish clear internal procedures and
processes, including financial, planning and
GeSCI Evaluation: Recommendations
• Spend next year consolidating
• Engage org/man consultants to
examine status and corporate affairs
• Engage HR specialist to improve
internal communications and
standardise conditions of work
• Engage financial specialist to improve
planning and budgeting
• Develop strategic plan