Supportive Housing & Recovery

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Transcript Supportive Housing & Recovery

Supportive Housing & Recovery
November 19th, 2013
What is the Georgia Recovery Initiative?
We are an all-inclusive group made up of people
in recovery, advocates, family members, and
providers of service with a common voice
supporting a Recovery-Oriented System of Care in
the State of Georgia. We value recovery,
collaboration and inclusion.
Georgia Recovery Initiative’s Purpose
We are a movement promoting a RecoveryOriented System of Care in Georgia.
Recovery Values
Emerges from hope
Is person-driven
Is age independent
Is strengths-based
Recognizes the wisdom of “lived
Occurs via many pathways
Is holistic
Is supported by peers, allies,
advocates, and families
Is nurtured through relationships and
Is culturally based and influenced
Is anchored in wellness-addressing a
person’s emotional health,
well-being, financial satisfaction,
intellectual creativity, occupational
pursuits, physical activities, social
engagement, and spiritual health
Addresses trauma
Supports self-responsibility
Empowers communities
Is based on respect
What is the Recovery?
Recovery is a deeply personal, unique, and self determined journey
through which an individual strives to reach his/her full potential.
Persons in recovery improve their health and wellness by taking
responsibility in pursing a fulfilling and contributing life while
embracing the difficulties one has faced.
Recovery is not a gift from any system. Recovery is nurtured by
relationships and environments that provide hope, empowerment,
choices and opportunities.
Recovery belongs to the person. It is a right, and it is the
responsibility of us all.
Georgia Recovery Initiative’s Progress
We have hosted “listening sessions” with over 300
participants across the state. For over a year, our diverse
group has met regularly and we are now members of a ROSC
Learning Community Cohort, sponsored by the Office of
National Drug Control Policy, Executive Office of the
President! We will share the feedback and input shared with
us to shape a Georgia Recovery-Oriented System of Care that
truly supports the local recovery successes in this state.