A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence”

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Transcript A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence”

Shaping the “New” Agenda for
Integration, Information and
Joined up Services
People First
Peter McLeod
Vice President
Association of Directors of Social Work
Political context
• Oct 2009 - Labour party conference, Oban
• Nov 2009 - SNP Government announce
Change Fund
• Feb 2010 – Herald story
• May 2010 – election and cross party
manifesto consensus on integration to
some degree
“38,000 council workers
facing a switch to NHS”
2nd February 2011
ADSW’s perspective
Achieving the best outcomes for the people who use our services
Early intervention
Personalised care, power, choice and control for individuals
Supporting and empowering communities and carers
Seamless pathways of care
Equitable access
Local democratic control
Evidence based decision making
Cost neutral / cost saving, transparent and multi-sectoral reform
Promotion of social welfare
ADSW’s contribution
• A research literature review
• A position paper agreed
• An engagement commenced
Context we are operating in
• Congruence with developments in England: The Future’s Forum
• Importance of community planning and the single outcome agreement
• The current agenda and work in this area: Change Fund; joint
initiatives we have already established
• A vacuum of information from now until the consultation document is
published after the local government elections in May
Influencing the debate
Meaningful and comprehensive engagement in the consultation
Engagement with our own members
Engagement with partners in local authorities, NHS, third and independent sectors
Parliamentary reception
Useful and insightful comment on the conclusion drawn from the
Dedicated involvement in the drafting of legislation
Professional advice
Work to limit unintended consequences
Issues we are concerned about
We need to maintain pressure to ensure services are delivered and
outcomes determined at a local level
We need to understand more about what a single accountable officer is and
how that role will play out
We need to understand more about what a Health and Social Care
Partnership is
We need others to realise the importance of any impact of change on other
services within social work and within the wider community planning
We need to know about the number of partnerships and how they will be
We will continue to emphasise the crucial role of the CSWO
The future
“If you don’t know where you are going,
any road will get you there”
Lewis Carroll