Recruiting New Commissioners

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Transcript Recruiting New Commissioners

Recruiting New Commissioners
MCS 402
October 16, 1999
Fielding a Complete Team
• How much can you do?
– One or two or ten people can’t do it all!
• Know the Standard
– 1 Unit Commissioner for every 3 units
– 1 ADC for every five Unit Commissioners
– Adequate Roundtable Commissioners
Step by Step
• Determine what commissioner positions are
– Assess the effectiveness of existing volunteers
– Define the responsibilities of the position and
write a brief job description
– List the Qualities most likely to get the job
Step by Step
• Determine the best prospects for the job
Consider many sources for prospects
List possible prospects for each job
Consider their qualities for the job
Prioritize prospects based on who has the
qualities that best fit the job
Step by Step
• Research the prospects at the top of your list
Learn their interests
Tailor your approach to those interests
Determine who can make the approach
Anticipate questions
Develop specific information on the position
• Prospects don’t need every detail
Step by Step
• Make an appointment
– Don’t recruit over the phone
– Find the best time and place
• avoid office pressures and distractions
– Never recruit alone
• Take someone the prospect respects goes with you
• One person listens while the other talks
Step by Step
• Make the Sale
– Introduce everyone and what their position
– Make small talk based on research
– Sell the sizzle
• brief pitch on commissioner service
• don’t dwell on details
– Talk about selling service to the units and youth
Step by Step
• Make the sale (continued)
Describe the job
Tell them they are the best person for the job
Ask for questions
Listen for comments
Know when to close the sale
Stress the participation of others the prospect
Step by Step
• Ask for a commitment
– you need this person...say so!
• Have a fall-back position in mind
– Ask for help in further recruiting
– Keep door open for later decision
– Leave them something that increases their
knowledge of Scouting
Step by Step
• Followup
– Fast Start Tape
– Formally acknowledge the commitment
– Invite and take person to the next commissioner
– Within a week or two, follow up with specific
orientation and an assignment
Where do we get them?
• Your Friends, associates, and business
• C of C listings of organizations, major
employers, boards of directors, and labor
• Service Club membership rosters
• National Eagle Scout Association
Where do we get them?
• Boy’s applications for parents with previous
Scouting experience
• Former successful Scouters
• FOS donations from people with special
people skills
• Neighborhood Associations
• Former Scouts
Where do we get them?
• Current Scouters
– but don’t steal unit leaders...theirs IS the most
important position in Scouting
• Former Jaycees
• Ask at the schools
• Ask large employers
Where do we get them?
• Recruit Younger Commissioners
– Do not rely on veteran Scouters
• go to sources of younger adults
– Jaycees
– New NESA members
– younger professional people
– Younger prospects may be time-conscious
• Be specific and focused about what you ask them to
• Don’t let Scouting time get diffused
Group Recruiting
• Can Bring Staff up to strength quickly
• If a group is asked to perform a function
and each person figures the others will
accept, they will too!
• People seek association with others
– If the group includes the right people, their
reaction is positive
Group Recruiting
• Group Recruiting has major advantages
– Staff Recruited together can be trained together
– Enthusiasm is catching
– No task is overwhelming
• Requires considerable advance planning
• Does not replace one-on-one recruiting
Two Types of Group Recruiting
• Leadership Conference
– Set date, time, location
– Develop a list of prospects through community
– Select host who can draw in the prospects
– Host
tells Scouting story
presents need
asks for commitment
Two Types of Group Recruiting
• Single Company or Organization
– President asked to select and list employees
– Meeting held on company time
asks for and gets commitments
District leaders match people to jobs and follow up
– Company “adopts” staffing the program
Recruiting Resources
• Selecting District People, No. 34512
• Recruiting District Volunteers, AV-06V002
• Highlights for Unit Commissioners, No.
• Highlights for District Commissioners, No.