NS 110 - Sea Power & Maritime Affairs

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Lesson 9

The Civil War on the Rivers

Inland River Campaigns

• Combined Union Army - Navy offensives – Goal: Control of the Mississippi River • Navy gunboats and transports used to support Army – Union forces advance down Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers to the Mississippi • Divided Union Command

Kentucky and Tennessee

• Fort Henry – Wx – Debut of the ironclads • Fort Donelson – Commander’s will – From a total of 500 Confederate shots,

St. Louis

was hit 59 times,




36, and



– Grant captures more soldiers than all previous American generals combined

Siege of Vicksburg

• Vicksburg the big obstacle to dominance of the Mississippi • Porter ferried Grant’s troops across to the east bank of the river, south of the fort • Grant takes the fort from the rear • Surrender on 4 July 1863 • Naval support: gunfire, troop transport, and logistical reinforcement

Siege of Vicksburg