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Dr. Donna Craft
Vice President
National Board of Chiropractic
The NBCE’s Purpose
• Established in 1963, the NBCE develops,
administers and scores legally defensible,
standardized written and practical
examinations for candidates seeking
chiropractic licensure throughout the United
States and in many foreign countries.
NBCE Headquarters
Who Is the NBCE?
• If you are new to the NBCE or new to this
year’s meeting, it is important to know that
the FCLB are different organizations with
different missions.
• The FCLB membership is made up of member
regulatory boards.
• The NBCE, however, is an independent testing
organization. We do not have members.
NBCE Corporate Composition
• Guided by an 11-member board of
• U.S. is geographically arranged into five
• The NBCE has no “members,” instead states
select (voting) delegates and alternates to
attend NBCE annual meeting
Board composition:
– 5 district directors
– 4 at-large directors
– 2 members from the FCLB leadership
Board of Directors
District directors
State delegates
NBCE Board Term Limits
• District Directors (5): One director is elected from each of the
five districts to serve a three-year term. No district director
may serve more than nine consecutive years.
• FCLB Directors (2): These directors are appointed by the FCLB
to serve a one-year term. No FCLB-appointed director may
serve more than nine consecutive years.
• At-Large Directors (4): The NBCE Board elected the at-large
directors to serve a two-year term. No at-large director may
serve more than eight consecutive years.
Getting Involved
Test Committees
Part IV Examiners
Ad Hoc Committees
NBCE Delegate and Alternate Delegates
NBCE District Directors
NBCE At-Large Directors
Delegates and Alternate Delegates
• Delegates are one channel the NBCE uses to communicate to
the state licensing boards
• Delegates help to educate and inform state boards about the
activities of the NBCE
– On occasion delegates help in “polling” or gathering
information for the NBCE
• Most importantly, delegates represent their states by voting
for NBCE district directors and bylaws issues
Delegates and Alternate Delegates
• Appointed/elected to serve by state licensing boards
• Delegates are the liaison to the NBCE
– Attend NBCE annual meetings
– Vote on amendments to bylaws, which are a critical
component of the foundation of the NBCE
• Delegates bring questions and concerns from state boards to
the NBCE and bring information back to the state licensing
National Board Day on Friday
• Please come hear more about the NBCE:
– Computer-Based Testing
– Post-Licensure Exams
– NBCE’s Vision for the Future
– Pricing of NBCE Exams
– Results of the 2013 NBCE Financial Audit
– How to Get Involved with the NBCE
– PLUS our keynote speaker: Dr. Anthony Lisi.
Keynote Speaker
• Dr. Lisi will discuss the growing role of chiropractic
care within the VA healthcare system. His talk will
cover both the clinical and academic aspects of
chiropractic within the VA, including the initial
development and role of regulation,
accomplishments in policy and oversight, and the
establishment of the VA chiropractic residency
program. The success of these programs will be
related to the chiropractic profession at large,
including opportunities in collaborative practice,
research and education.
We welcome you
• The National Board encourages state
board participation both in test
development and administration.
• Please talk to your district director to
express your interest in becoming
more involved with the NBCE.