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Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards
Dr. N. Edwin Weathersby (AZ)
FCLB Vice President
Dr. Oliver “Bud” Smith, Jr. (TX)
FCLB Treasurer
with assistance by the
NBCE Board of Directors
Welcome to the 78th Annual
Congress of the FCLB!
Other meetings in conjunction with FCLB:
- National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
(NBCE) Luncheon & Annual Business Meeting
- Association of Chiropractic Board
Administrators (ACBA) – Annual Meeting
- Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE)
Site Team Academy Training
History of the Federation of
Chiropractic Licensing Boards
1919:First meeting of chiropractic regulation
1926:Started meeting as Council of State Examining
1947:Regulatory boards disaffiliated themselves
from national professional associations
1957:Council on Chiropractic State Examining
Boards incorporated under Wyoming law
1968:Renamed FCLB and became a non-profit
organization: 501 (c ) 6
Mission of the FCLB
“To protect the public
and to serve our member boards
by promoting excellence
in chiropractic regulation.”
Purpose of the FCLB
Summary: maintain high uniform standards
in areas related to chiropractic licensure,
regulation , discipline and education.
FCLB Milestones
1961 – Helped form the NBCE
(NBCE started testing in 1963)
1974 – Helped CCE gain recognition by
U.S. Department of Education
What can the FCLB do?
We have no binding authority over
state or provincial licensing boards since
their authority comes from statute and
regulations specific to their state or province.
We do hold considerable authority as the
national (and sometimes international) standard.
You help develop those standards!
Services we offer:
Directory of licensing board requirements,
available on-line or in notebook format
Every conference attendee gets a new
“starter notebook” annually. This is an
excellent resource/reference guide!
• Discuss concerns common to all boards
• PowerPolls-learn how other boards function
• Help boards talk to each other
Services we offer: (continued)
CIN-BAD - Chiropractic Information
Network/Board Action Databank
• Free to member boards
• Public board actions and Medicare sanctions
• All members have reports –
some dating back to 1954
• Boards can submit to CIN-BAD and we take
care of HIPDB reporting FREE from there
Services we offer: (continued)
 Annual educational conference:
Presentations and workshops
• How to do your job (protecting the public)
more effectively
• Sharing tips among members
• How to avoid lawsuits
 Annual business meeting:
• Election of officers / Executive Fellow director
• Adoption of resolutions
• Bylaws revisions
• Seating of District Directors
(elections Sat morn – none in 2004)
Services we offer: (continued)
 District (regional) meetings:
• Held in fall each year
• Informal networking sessions
Funding for the FCLB
 Revenues:
• Membership dues
• Conference Fees & Sponsorships
• CIN-BAD (managed care subscribers)
• Grants and contributions
(NBCE, NCMIC, ACA, etc.)
Contributions to the FCLB are not tax deductible
under charity laws, but are deductible as a
business expense.
 The FCLB is working on creating additional
sources of revenue
How is the FCLB organized?
Delegates and Districts:
Each board is represented by a delegate
(and alternate to serve in his/her absence)
• Delegate can be DC, public member, or
Executive Fellow
(up to each board to decide)
• 5 geographical regions (districts)
• Delegates elect a director for each district
How is the FCLB organized?
 District Directors (5)
- serve a maximum of two three-year terms
- also called the “Executive Board”
Patricia G. Conners-Allen (AK) – District l
LeRoy F. Otto (MN) – District ll
Daniel Saint-Germain (PQ) – District lll
Ron Tripp (OK) – District lV
Steve Willen (NC) – District V*
*Current Executive Board Chair
How is the FCLB organized?
 Officers (4)
- elected by delegates
- one 2-year term in each office
President – Dr. Richard L. Cole (TN)
Vice President – Dr. N. Edwin Weathersby (AZ)
Treasurer – Dr. Oliver “Bud” Smith, Jr. (TX)
Imm. Past President – Dr. Wayne C. Wolfson (FL)
 Executive Board Fellow – delegates elect a
Board administrator to a 2 yr non-voting term
Kevin Earle (NJ) - standing for re-election in 2004
How is the FCLB organized?
 Board of Directors – ten members comprised
of the elected officers, five district directors and
an Executive Fellow director
 Executive Committee – executive board
chair and four officers
 Committees – 13 committees consisting
of 3 standing and 10 special committees
 Staff – four staff (full-time and part-time)
support the organization
How is the FCLB organized?
But it all starts with you, our members!
Your roles:
Fellow – current or in last 5 years - board member
(DC or public member) on a chiropractic regulatory
Honorary Fellow – after five year period, still part
of the FCLB family!
Executive Fellow – chiropractic board administrator
for each board
Member boards select
FCLB leadership
FCLB Board of Directors (10)
Assembly elects
Executive Fellow
Districts Elect
5 District Directors
(the Executive Board)
FCLB Delegates / Alternates
FCLB Member Boards
FCLB at work with other
Council on Chiropractic
Guidelines & Practice
Parameters (1 rep)
Department of
Federation of
Associations of
Boards (1 rep)
National Board
Of Chiropractic
(2 reps)
Staff Resources
Donna M. Liewer, Executive Director
Bridget Seader, Program Administrator
Julie Finn, Executive Assistant
Joan Carl, Finance & Benefits Manager
Bill Steinmiller, consultant and
happy computer guru!
Contact Us …
By phone: (970) 356-3500 (Colorado)
Greeley office hours – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
By fax: (970) 356-3599
By e-mail: [email protected]
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