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Lead Investigation
Vanessa Corea
Samantha Detres
Junixer Diaz
Period 5
Problem Statement:
• How are people exposed to lead and how
does it affect people?
• How is the Hernandez family contaminated
and why?
• If people are exposed to lead through condemnation of
soil or through lead used as a metal then it can cause
serious harmful illnesses may occur to humans
through high quantities of lead.
• The Hernandez Family are contaminated because they
have Old Cuban tile floors, they have furniture from
South America,Glazed ceramic cookware, and the
house is always air-conditioned and windows are barely
opened.Finally, the house has old metal blinds in some
areas that appear to be deteriorating from age.
Lead Information:
Lead is a highly toxic metal that
produces a range of adverse
health effects, particularly in
young children.
Different types of exposures of
lead: through deteriorating paint
and dust, air, drinking water,
food, and contaminated soil.
two-thirds of homes built before
1940, and one-half of homes
built from 1940 to 1960 contain
lead-based paint.
Most paint made after 1978
contains no intentionally added
lead, since it was banned from
use on the interior and exterior
of homes.
Symptoms caused by Lead
Health effect:
brain damage
affect a child’s growth
damage kidneys
impair hearing
cause vomiting
appetite loss
cause learning and behavioral
Exposure to lead is estimated by
measuring levels in the blood 10
microgram per deciliter.
In adults lead:
increase blood pressure
digestive problems
kidney damage
nerve disorders
sleep problems
muscle and joint pain
mood changes.
Lead is absorbed into the
body through the lungs or
the mouth and is a
cumulative poison, being
stored in the bone tissue.
A house painter affected
by chronic lead poisoning.
Wasted muscles and wrist
drop are tell-tale
symptoms of lead
The Hernandez family:
• Home is located on street with large
Mediterranean-style houses.
• They moved to Miami from Argentina around
one year ago.
• The mother works in an art dealer and the
father works for a bank, parents work and
• There little boy was screen for lead exposure
with a high blood lead level of 24.5
• Poverty is a major risk
factor for lead poisoning.
• Miami has many residential
areas that are old and in
poor repair. Tile floors are in
old condition are believed to
be a new risk factor due to
their lead glaze.
• large number of immigrants
bring to Miami practices
from areas with more
common uses of lead for
cottage industries and
medicinal purposes.
How Can I Reduce Lead Exposure?
If you have a house from the 1940s
prevent removing the paint off the walls.
Keep area clean and dust free
Wash toys, stuffed animals, and bedding
Prevent ingestion of sand, dirt, or paint
Grass areas are safe for children at play.
Make sure children remove and wipe
their shoes and wash their hands
whenever they come inside after playing
test solder or plumbing fixtures in your
home and faucet water.
Do not store food or drink in containers
made from crystal.
What can be done?
The only way to diagnose lead
poisoning is with a blood test.
A blood lead concentration of 15-19
mg/dl merits a home visit,
inspection, and educational
intervention. Someone with a blood
lead concentration of 20-44 mg/dl
must undergo environmental
remediation, and medical
evaluation. A measurement of 4569 mg/dl requires the patient to
undergo chelation treatment. A
blood lead concentration of 70 +
mg/dl constitutes a medical
emergency .
Medical treatment is only given in
severe cases of lead poisoning.