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Improving the current innovation measurement approach to address inclusive development

Seminar on impact of innovation on inclusive development Godfrey Mashamba 27 March 2015



• Some background • Current approach • Limitations and ongoing developments • Recommendations for further discussion



The National Development Plan DST’s Vision: “Increased well-being and prosperity through science, technology and innovation”

Strategic Oriented Goal: Knowledge utilisation for inclusive development How?... accelerate inclusive development through scientific knowledge, evidence and appropriate technology



To include who? In what?

Who is excluded? From what?

• • • • • • In identifying opportunities/challenges In policy making processes In conceptualising solutions In implementing solutions In benefiting from the innovations In feeding back to the system (by understanding what is working; what is not working; and the ‘impact’)


SET Human Capital

The NRDS framework of indicators

Quality of Life Wealth Creation Future R&D Capacity Technical Progress (Improvement and Innovation) Business Performance Imported Know-How Current R&D Capacity 5

Innovation measurement

o What is our understanding of innovation?

o o Innovation measurement using Oslo Manual: Innovation survey (business sector) o o Framework of indicators for the 2002 National R&D Strategy R&D statistics o o o o NACI/ASSAf process of assessing gaps in STI indicators: Innovation networks Social impact of innovation Innovation in the public sector


Innovation measurement

• Positive experiences – There is more to this than just measurement - measurement helps us understand the magnitude, changes over time and how we compare to some benchmark; – It must help us learn.

• Limitations of innovation indicators – Experiences of working with the OECD, other organisations and countries – Gaps in measurement – Gaps in analysis – Gaps in use for policy


Case studies

• To help us understand how the specific interventions contribute to certain outcomes – Results chain (input, output, outcomes) • A dashboard of KPIs can be easily constructed to be used as basis for case analysis: – Poverty – standard of living measures – Unemployment – employment creation; better employment – Inequality – income generating activities • How to increase the capacity for scientific and technological problem solving


Enhancing existing measurement instruments

1950s & 1960s

 R&D


 R&D  Patents  TBoP


 R&D  Patents  TBoP  High-tech products and sectors  Bibliometrics  Human resources  Innovation surveys

1990s to present

 R&D  Patents  TBoP  High-tech products and sectors  Bibliometrics  Human resources  Innovation surveys  Innovations mentioned in technical literature  Surveys of production technologies  Government support of industrial technology  Intangible investment  Indicators of ICTs  Input-Output matrixes  Productivity  Venture capital  Mergers and acquisitions


Enhancing existing measurement instruments

• Existing studies do address the theme of inclusive development – we just need to do it more consciously • Learn from ongoing development, but make the tools relevant



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