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“Are you an Informed Voter?”
Plateau Valley School District 50
School Board Election
Kids Voting Mesa County
“Nonpartisan” Youth Civics Education
Working with Students since 1996
Goals for Students
Becoming an “Informed” Voter
Casting your Vote
Becoming an Active Citizen in your Community
What's on your student ballot???
School Board Candidates
District B
District D
District E
How will YOU become an INFORMED voter???
Let’s start at the beginning…
Colorado has 178 separate school districts
You are in Plateau Valley School District #50
A group of people called a School Board run the district
School board members are elected by the registered voters
who live within the school district
o Registered voters can vote in each board district race
o Your district has “5” board members
YOU can vote when you are 18 years old! You can register to
vote up to and on Election Day, November 5th.
If elected, how long do board members serve???
o Board members serve for “4” years
o Board members can serve “2” terms in a row
Are “5” board members elected at the same time?
o No! Only part of your board is elected every 2 years!
o In 2013, “3” board members will be elected!
What do school board members do???
o Hold public meetings
o Create school district rules (policies)
o Decide how money will be spent on schools
o Decide what educational programs are used
o Decide what books and computers are used
o Decide which videos are acceptable for
students to see
What else do board members decide?
o Student dress, conduct, and discipline
o The school district calendar (s)
o School lunches
o Graduation requirements
o School attendance rules
o Who is hired? Superintendent, principals,
teachers, and other staff
o Pay and benefits for superintendent,
principals, teachers, and staff
o So much more!!!
Let’s get back to your election this year…
• Your school district is divided into “5” areas:
Districts A, B, C, D, & E
• Each district has one school board member
• You get to vote for candidates in “3” different
• These races are for the following districts:
• District B
• District D
• District E
• Adult registered voters will be doing this as well.
So you’re starting to become informed!!!
Kids Voting Mesa County
looks forward to seeing the results of your
online voting!
Student voting will occur between
Oct. 21st and November 5th, ELECTION DAY!