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“Emergency Preparedness
Update 2008”
Public Workshop
Workshop Agenda
6:30-8:00 p.m.
Flood Protection Program Update – Michael Bessette, Community Development Dept.
Flood Insurance – John Powderly, Community Development Deptartment
IV. Update on Emergency Planning – Jason Rizzi, Fire Department
Evacuation Update – Henry Serrano, Police Department
VI. CERT Program – Gary Frederickson, Fire Department
VII. Break out stations in lobby
Flood Protection Program
 Background
 Proposition 218 Assessment and In-Lieu Fee
 Levee Analysis (Problem Identification)
 State and Federal Partnerships
 Projects (Current and Future)
 Flood Protection Program (Improvements, Education,
Flood Insurance)
 Risk Reduction is the GOAL!
West Sacramento
Levee Improvement Projects
Flood Insurance
West Sacramento
Police Department
Emergency Preparedness
Don’t be left behind!
Planning for Disaster
Disaster Preparedness
Isn’t Just a Case of
Preparing for the Worst,
it’s Being Prepared To
Do Your Best When it
Matters Most!
West Sacramento
by Waterways
Advanced Flood Preparation
•Plan Already Exists To Address Flooding Within
West Sacramento
•Slow Rise Plan
- River is Regularly Monitored for Water Levels
- Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Would be Open
Prior to Situation Becoming Critical
- Levee Patrol Would be Instituted to Locate Problem
- Public Informed as Appropriate
Notification Systems
•Emergency Broadcast Notification
- Television
- Radio (KFBK 1530 AM)
•Reverse 911 Telephone System
•Public Address via Helicopters and
Emergency Vehicles
•City Website
West Sacramento
Signage Will Direct You to
Evacuation Routes
School Evacuation Plan
Evaluation of At-Risk Population
Key is to Leave Affected Area
Main Evacuation Route
Feeder Evacuation Route
How to turn off your Utilities
•During a Disaster You May Need to Quickly Turn
Off Utilities to Your Home.
•Instructions for Turning Off your Gas and
Electricity Are in the Front of the Telephone
Directory White Pages.
•Familiarize Yourself on How to Turn Off the Water
to Your Home.
•Natural Gas Service Should Only be Turned On
By Your Utility Company.
Family Reunion Plan
• Develop a Family Reunification Plan.
• Agree on TWO Family Meeting Places, ONE Outside
of Your Home, and ONE Outside the Area.
• Agree on Communicating Through a Friend or
Family Member Outside Your Area or Outside of the
State in Case of Separation. (Phone Lines May
Become Overloaded in the Area)
Kit Preparedness
Advanced Preparation Can Save Precious
Time in the Event You Must Evacuate or Go
Without Electricity, Heat, or Water for an
Extended Period of Time.
There are different kits that can be used in the
case of an emergency.
Emergency Kits
•72 Hour Kit should be kept in a Large, Watertight
Container That You Can Move Easily (large
plastic garbage can with wheels).
•Go Bag kit should be easy for you to pick up and GO
•Pets Go Bag kit should be kept with your Go Bag and
easy for you to pick up and GO
( All Supplies Should be Checked Every 6
Months and Out Dated Items Replaced)
You Are Prepared If You Can
Check Off The Following Items
 Keep Emergency Supplies on
 Know Your Local Radio & TV
 Know First Aid
 Know How to Turn Off Your
Home Utilities
 Have a Family Evacuation &
Reunion Plan
 Have Plan for Children, Elderly,
Disabled and Pets
 Know your Children’s School
Evacuation Plan
 Have Flood Insurance
 Have Copies of All Important
Stations for Emergency
 Get Involved in Your
Neighborhood Watch
 Familiarize Yourself with
Evacuation Routes
 Have a 72 HOUR Emergency Kit
for Home
 Have a Go Bag for all Family
 Remember to Make Disaster
Planning a Part of Your
Neighborhood Watch
West Sacramento Fire Department
Chief Al Terrell
Disaster Preparedness Update
By Division Chief, Gary Fredericksen
Emergency Operations Plan
 Comprehensive review and update
of City’s existing Emergency
Operations Plan (EOP)
 Federal Government requirement
 Establishes an Emergency
Management Organization and
assigns functions
 Homeland Security Grant Funds
through Yolo County
Continuing Coordination, Planning and
Readiness Efforts
 New Emergency
Operations Center
 Alert, Notification and
 City Staff Training
 Jurisdictional
Winter Storm Season
Preparedness Actions
 National Weather Service Weather Outlook
 West Sacramento EOC Readiness
 Flood Fighting Operations Class with Department of Water Resources
West Sacramento Flood Triggers
Community Emergency Response
 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
 Currently taking names for classes
 Classes will be in Spring 2009
 Training and Equipment are provided by Fire Department
Community Preparedness
 Citizen Preparedness Efforts
 Plan ahead
 Be prepared at school and
 Listen to Public Safety
 Develop a Disaster Supplies
Please contact:
West Sacramento Fire Department
Fire Administration, Station 45
2040 Lake Washington Blvd.