HR Questions

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Why should we hire you?
 Recap
any job requirement the
interviewer may have mentioned earlier
in the PPT, then match your skills,
abilities and qualifications.
 One
of the best ways to answer this
question is to make a short list of all your
advantages and create a paragraph that
would point out the positive aspects that
you would bring to the new job position.
Market yourself or tell me about yourself?
I am name from native place, I did my
schooling in______ ,Currently pursuing
(degree or branch in college) and mention
only your strengths (Do not mention your
weakness until asked for)
About his parents & their occupation
Mention your strong points or strengths?
Relate your strong points to that
particular company and job opening.
eg;adaptability and good interpersonal
What are the changes you can bring into
our company?
Analyze the job profile, and tell them.
Why do you want to work at our company?
Give some good practices about that
company; seniors working have told about the
best practices implemented about the
company, say that is the reason why you want
to join them.
Can you work in night shifts and weekends?
Yes sir. being a fresher I don’t have much
to choose
What is the difference between confidence
and over confidence (give an example)?
Confidence is you are quite confident about
what you do.
Confidence leads to success. Confidence:
“Believe Ourselves”
Over confidence is, you believe in yourself
beyond the level and it will surely ruin the
Overconfidence: “Believe Only Our self”
Are you willing to relocate or travel?
As a fresher I should be ready to relocate to
learn more and get a better opportunity, (or)
have an idea of the openings in their company
and then give your answer.
Give me an example of your creativity and
Tell your experience in participation or
organizing a program or a seminar in college
or school (anything that you did differently)
How long will you work for this organization?
Always give a positive answer .i.e. “As long as
I can serve for the organization” (or) “ I will
work for the organization as long as I can meet the
requirements of the organization". if they ask to
quantify say at least 3 or 5 years.
Do you have plans of doing your higher studies?
Yes, I would like to gain more knowledge to
serve the best for the organization but at present
would like to earn practical experience for at least
three years and then plan my higher studies or do
it parellelly in distance education like
Why do you say that you will not do higher
studies now?
These questions tell the interviewers about your
interest in gaining knowledge. So, don’t say that
you are not interested but instead you can say like
may be after sometime you would like to pursue
your studies along with work (or) say my family
situation (if applicable) doesn’t permit me in
doing so.
What is your salary expectation?
Say “As per company Norms” or “I’m happy
with your Norms in PPT”(if shown by the
Can you lead a team on your own as a fresher? How and what are
the strategies would you enforce to run an effective team?
Tell about your strong leadership qualities, and say what
strategies you would follow to run an efficient team.
If possible tell them with an eg. Of your leadership abilities like
organizing … but it should get reflected in your resume.
What have you learnt from your failures?
“From my failures I have learnt to analyze myself and find out
my shortcomings. Those shortcomings are the areas of future
improvement for me and I have undertaken those factors
seriously to improve myself on those relevant areas. One more
thing I learned is never to give up, never to feel rejected”. Quote:“
Accepting a failure is a man’s great trait.”
Tell me about your In plant Training? Where you did
it and what was the exposure you gained from it.
Give a description about what you have learnt from
your In plant training.
If you haven’t done any such In plant training?
Why didn’t you do it?
Show that you have at least little industrial
experience by saying the real time projects or
mini projects you completed during your pre
final or Final Year.
Tell me something about your project?
Describe your project, mention points like,
Why you selected that project. - Importance of
that project. - Achievements from your project.
What prompted you to select and specialize on your
branch of study?
Give some positive answers like , this course would help you
to get your dream job ,Read in papers about the scope for
this profession (if you say this you need to elaborate if asked
Where do you see yourself after ten years?
Answer this question in three aspects
1.Professional- I see myself as a successful
person in future, and I will be taking on new
2.Personnel - Tell about the position, that you are aiming
for in their organization after a few years, like getting
promoted and to get into a higher position (Team leader,
manager ...Etc).
3. Society oriented-”would contribute to the growth of the
Who has inspired you in your life and why?
 Describe some great personality (or) a person
who inspired you, and tell how they were an
inspiration to you.
 Might even be your family members
What are the most memorable experiences from
 Tell about some programs you organized in
the college
 About your IV
 About the best days in college
 Some of your team works …etc.
Give a situation in which you were successful?
Mention some competitions like Inter
college competition (or) paper presentations
in which you have achieved something.
Who is your favorite Teacher? Why?
Name your favorite teacher. Describe the
special qualities of that teacher, which
inspired you.
What are your extra curricular activities?
Mention it.
Mention some of your extra curricular
activities like sports ,music…etc.
How did your extra curricular activities
change your approach towards life?
You can mention some benefits, you
received from your extra curricular
activities like (scholarship) or rewards you
gained for your creativity.. Etc or you can
say like it makes you more active...
Why is your extra curricular activities
participation not impressive?
If applicable mention a valid reason (eg.I
concentrated more on my academics and even my
parents suggested to do so).
What are your co-curricular activities?
Mention it.
Mention some of your qualities like Leadership,
time management, teamwork, interpersonal
communication, and other skills employers value
when making hiring choices. Mention those
events in which you have proved yourself.
Why is that your academic record not consistent?
Explain the reason for the inconsistency answer
politely don’t give an irrelevant answer. Give an
answer which doesn’t create a negative impression
on you.
Why from ECE/EEE/MECH to IT domain?
“Today IT finds its place in every Industry and
hence I think people with good analytical skills can
shift and contribute to the respective specializations
through IT Industry”.
Do you have arrears? If so how many? Reason for arrears.
If applicable, try to give a honest answer(
How do you think you conducted or performed during this
I think I have conducted myself in the best possible
manner by satisfying your queries through my specific
answers which I feel were logical, systematic and to the
point. Through my answer my true worth as a dynamic
and competent professional has come out fair and square
and I am happy with my performance which would ensure
my selection in this esteemed organization
What qualities do you look for in a boss?
Be generic and positive. Safe qualities
are knowledgeable, a sense of humor, fair,
loyal to subordinates and holder of high
standards. All bosses think they have these
Tell me about your ability to work under
You may say that you thrive under
certain types of pressure. Give an example
that relates to the type of position applied
Do you have any questions for me?
Do not ask the interviewer about increment or promotion.
Ask questions which are pleasing. You can ask about the
skills required to match your job profile. What does the
company expect from the candidates? Or
Are you satisfied with my performance. (if the interviewer
says NO “Sir could you please suggest a few areas to
improve myself”)
What kind of training do you provide ? How long is the
training period?
What are your expectations for this position in the next
three months?
What is your preferred method of communication?
Can you describe the work environment ?
What advice would you give to someone in my position?
What introduction or training program would be an offer?