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South America
Regions of S. America
The Northern Tropics
The Andean countries
The Southern Grasslands
Brazil’s History
Brazil was initially discovered by the
Spanish but was not claimed as Spanish
In 1500 Pedro Cabral found Brazil by
accident. Once ashore he built a stone
cross and declared the land from the
Amazon to the Orinoco river as
Portuguese land.
Brazil’s History
Amerigo Vespucci was commissioned to
explore this new land for the king.
He returned with Brazilwood and monkeys!
No gold, no silver, no diamonds 
To encourage settlers to colonize
the king gave out land grants called
 These were given to Donatarios –
entrepreneurs who could invest in
the colony.
 Most
were looking to export Brazil
This system failed.
Impact of Captaincy
Thirteen modern states have names of
their predecessor captaincies.
An elite 1.7 percent of the landowners
continue to own nearly half the arable
land; the top 10 percent of the nation
earns half the income.
Brazil becomes Portugal?
In 1807 Napoleon forced prince Dom Joao
from Lisbon. Naturally he fled to his
colony across the Ocean.
He established Brazil as the capital of the
Portuguese Empire.
In 1821 he returned to Lisbon and left his
son in charge of Brazil.
How it went down…
Napoleon forced King Dom Joao of
Portugal out of the country.
Nice dress
Get out
This is now
the capital
of Portugal.
Brazil Colonial Period
When Dom attempted to take back
control of Brazil his son, Dom Pedro,
declared independence with himself as its
But I want
it Daddy!
Brazilian Independence
Pedro announced Brazil’s independence
on September 7th 1822 declaring:
“Independence or death”.
Portugal did not resist and the treaty of
Rio was signed.
Geography of Brazil
Amazon Rain Forest
Amazon River
West Brazilian Highlands
Amazon Rainforest
1/3 of all animal species in the world
Covers 60% of the country
The “lungs of the planet”… producing 20%
of the Earth’s Oxygen!!!
Interesting species…
Poison Dart Frogs
Among the most toxic creatures on
earth. Some species’ toxin is so
virulent that merely touching the
animal can deliver a lethal dose.
Interesting species…
Bullet Ant
The world’s largest ant
grows to the size of your
pinky. It also stings like a
Some local tribes have a
coming of age ceremony in
which the young man has
to endure repeated stings
without making a sound.
Interesting species…
Jesus Lizard
When fleeing from predators, this reptile runs
along the surface of water such as a pond or
stream. The lizard reaches about 5 miles per hour
this way. It propels itself along the water, using
surface tension to briefly support its weight.
Interesting species…
Glass Frog
The glass frog’s flesh is
entirely transparent,
allowing you to see the
internal organs, including
the heart pumping away.
The flesh thus takes on the
hue of surrounding
vegetation, making the
frog hard to see.
Interesting species…
This creature has been reported to swim up the
urogenital tract of bathers and lodges itself
therein. Removal by surgery is the only treatment
Goodbye Forest
20% of the amazon rainforest has been
destroyed in the past 40 years.
Starts with loggers but they are followed
by farmers, ranchers and other industries.
2,000 sq. miles a year are lost, impacting
9 South American countries.
Urban areas
Most of the population lives in large
overpopulated cities
 Sao
 Rio
De Janiero
 Brasilia
Religious festival celebrated before Lent.
Large parades are held with floats and
Samba dancing.
Performed in the Sambadrome
Ecotourism Game
Go to the world cultures website and click
on the image of the rainforest.