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Introduction to the
Islamic Studies Network
Islamic Studies Network Workshop
Teaching Islamic Studies in Wales and the South
17 May 2011
Islamic Studies Network: Background
• Siddiqui, Ataullah, ‘Islam at Universities in England’, April 2007
• Islamic Studies designated a strategically important subject,
June 2007
• HEFCE programme of work related to Islamic Studies
– Seminar: ‘Islamic studies: current status and future prospects’, November
– Seminar: ‘Islamic studies: the way forward in the UK’, April 2008
– Report: ‘Islamic Studies: trends and profiles’, February 2008
– Report: ‘International Approaches to Islamic Studies in Higher Education’,
June 2008
– Report: ‘Islamic Studies Provision in the UK’, March 2010
– JISC programme for digitisation of resources for Islamic Studies
– Islamic Studies Network led by the Higher Education Academy
Islamic Studies Network: Overview
• UK-wide network for Islamic Studies academics to enhance
teaching and learning in Islamic Studies, broadly defined
• Islamic Studies Network project team
– Lisa Bernasek, Academic Coordinator
– Team based at Higher Education Academy headquarters in York
– Staff from 5 Subject Centres of the Higher Education Academy
• Islamic Studies Network advisory board
– 18 members from institutions around UK
– Meet twice a year to consult on plans and advise on areas of focus
• Funded until August 2012 but developing plans for sustainability
Islamic Studies Network: upcoming events
• Regional workshops
For those involved in teaching Islamic Studies from all
– 26 May 2011, University of Leeds
• Sharing and building bibliographic capacity in
Islamic Studies: law and finance
– 15 June 2011, University of Warwick
• Teaching about Islam in the social sciences
– 24 June 2011, University of Birmingham
• Islamic Law special interest group meeting
– 6 July 2011, University of Warwick
Islamic Studies Network: other activity
• Projects
• Publications
– Quarterly online newsletter
– Biannual magazine Perspectives
• Online resources and networking
JISC Gateway
JISCmail list
Facebook, Twitter (heaisn)
Islamic Studies Network: get involved
Attend workshops
Contribute to magazine
Find resources
Network and exchange experience online
Join special interest groups
Contribute to subject-specific activity
[email protected]