Transcript IRAN

By Rick Rosinski
• Gateway into Iran
• Tehran’s Azadi Square
• Azadi Freedom Tower
• Built in 1971
• Made of 8000 stone
• Renamed during the
Shah of Iran (1941-1979)
In the 1960's and 1970's
 Diplomancy with the
Soviet Union and
communist states in
eastern Europe.
 Close connections with the
Foreign aid to stay in power.
In 1953 assistance from the
USA to return from a 3-day
Mohammad Reza Shah was
removed by the Islamic
revolution of 1979
5-year plans of the mid1970's had failed.
Ayatollah Khomeini
Leader of Iran’s Shiite Muslims
Lead Islamic fundamentalist
Held over 50 U.S. embassy
workers hostage for over a year.
He had thousands of Iranians put
in prison or executed for opposing
his ideas.
In the 1980’s Saddam Hussein
ordered an invasion of Iran, which
led to the Iran-Iraqi war.
Iranian leaders used the invasion
to rally the people behind the
Khomeini government.
1979 Iranian Revolution
Iran becomes an
Islamic Republic
in 1979
Supporter of the Shah is Lynched, Tehran, 1979
Revolution Images
Students of Iran stormed the American
embassy in Tehran,Seizing Americans at
gunpoint And holding them as prisoners.
Members of the Shah’s secret police
take to the streets to stop riots.
Graffiti on a wall of the U. S. embassy reads,
”We will make America face a severe defeat.”
When the Shah was allowed into the U. S. for medical
treatment for his cancer, the Iranian people took to the streets.
Anti-American Sentiment
Iranians celebrated their 23rd anniversary Of their
Islamic Revolution. But they also burned puppets of Uncle
Sam and President Bush to protest Bush’s charges
that Iran is part of an“axis of evil.”