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University of Wisconsin System HRS Project 9-Month Unclassified Employee TL/AM Entry

Fall 2014



What is HRS?

• UW System's Human Resource System (HRS) • An integrated system for all human resources, benefits and payroll operations across all UW • Went live on April 18, 2011 • TL/AM - Time & Labor / Absence Management • Full implementation of Employee & Manager Self Service by June 2012 at UWRF


Who are Unclassified?

• Faculty • Academic Staff - Instructional • Academic Staff - Non-instructional • Limited Appointments


Unclassified ESS

Employee Self Service (ESS) Absence Management


Reporting Absences

• Each division/department will continue to use its current method of “requesting” an absence

Guidelines for Reporting Absences

For *100% Unclassified Staff, Absences can be taken by using the following guidelines:

Up to 2 hours = No need to report absence 2 hours up to 6 hours = Report 4 hours 6 to 8 hours = Report 8 hours

*If you work less than 100%, you should report actual hours absent.

For More Information on the Unclassified Leave Policy, please see the following link: Sick Leave Policy:

Sick Leave is the only leave allowed for 9 Month Employees

26 •

Employee Best Practices

Enter Absences as taken • Enter


absences by the 5


of the next month (UNC) • Be sure to post “No Leave Taken” using the first day of the pay period if you didn’t taker any time off in that academic pay calendar month.

• All “leave reports” must be submitted or sick leave will be • reduced Take your time and be patient

***Supervisors approve by 10 th NOTIFY HR of any/all Supervisory changes!

of the month***

Login to My UW system

• Located on UW-Platteville’s website.

-Click on “M” from Campus Resources -Then Select “My UW System (Employee Portal)”

Reporting Absences

• Click on ‘Enter Absence’ in the ‘TIME AND ABSENCE’ box

Absence Management: Sick Leave


When entering sick leave, you need to pay attention to the academic payroll calendar: -Dates of leave cannot span over weekends, holidays or into the next academic payroll calendar

Academic Calendar Example:

Have a Doctor’s Appointment on September 22 so will be reporting sick leave - this absence actually counts for October time (see calendar). Then you do NOT have to report “No Leave Taken” for October.


Reporting Absences - Half Day Example

• Enter Start Date • Select appropriate Absence Name: ‘Sick Leave (UNC)’ ONLY System automatically enters Legal Holidays

Completed “Request Absence” for a Half Day leave Enter:

• • End Date Change Entry Type to • “Hours Per Day” Hours Per Day window appears, put in Hours Click “Calculate” Which will fill in the “Duration” box.

Click Submit – Supervisor can now Approve - If you make a mistake – they can also ‘push it back’ to you to correct.


Absence Management: Reporting No Absences

No Leave Taken

Start Date: The first day of the month.

A Basis (12 month employee) and C Basis (9 month employee) ALWAYS set to the F irst Day of the Month.

• If new to the position this month, THIS MONTH ONLY, enter your first day (Hire/Transfer Date). Hint: Use calendar button to select date.

Absence Name: Click the drop-down and select

No Leave Taken

End Date: Enter the same date as the Start DateOriginal Start Date - leave


• Click the Submit button


Absence Name: No Leave Taken (UNC)

• Select “No Leave Taken (UNC)”


Complete Form and Submit

For new employees, FIRST MONTH ONLY use the first day on your contract for the start/end day of absence– After that you will ALWAYS use the first of the month for both start and end dates. Example: 2/1/14-2/1/14 “No Leave Taken”

Make a Mistake? Here’s what you should do:

-Ask Supervisor to “Push Back” to you or -Contact Human Resources/Payroll and ask them to “Push Back” to you -Go to My Portal > Absence Requests > View Absence Request History > find your request > click on Edit, make changes and hit Submit to save or Cancel to cancel request -If already approved by Supervisor, you’ll have to call Human Resources at 608-342-1176 or Payroll at 608-342-1178 and ask them for assistance


Resources Available to You HRS Online Tutorials

General Information about Self-Service

Worked Summer Session/Service?

• You will receive a notice in the spring/summer with attachment and directions for summer session/service for reporting Sick Leave and No Leave Taken • Paper copy report (only) • Fill out the report and get to your supervisor by the date indicated in the email sent in the spring/summer • DO NOT enter your summer session/service online


Resources Available to You

HRS Knowledge Base

HRS Online Knowledge Base • Searchable • How to/step by step documentation on time entry • How to/step by step documentation on time approval • Supported by the UW-System HRS project • General HRS support documentation

UW of Wisconsin System Employee Benefits Home Page Look here for premiums, benefit summaries and other information

This link is also found on the UW-Platteville Home Page