Transcript Document

My Trip to London
I found London
on a map of
England. It is the
capital city.
I travelled by train from Chester to
London Paddington Station.
Do you know a friend of mine who was found there?
I caught the tube to Covent Garden.
The tube is a fast train that travels under the ground.
There were hundreds of people, it was very exciting. People
were playing music, drawing pictures and shopping.
I found a telephone box and
called my Mummy.
Then I got a taxi
to Buckingham
The palace looked enormous!
Just then the queen went past.
There were guards outside the
Then I got a bus to see some of the sights.
The Millennium
London Eye
The Tower
Of London…
… and some Yeomen
or Beefeaters.
Tower Bridge
This monument was built to
help people remember the
Great Fire of London which
started in 1666.
St Paul’s
Big Ben
Trafalgar Square
I had a wonderful trip to
London and now I’m off to put
all my pictures in my