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The INEE Guidance Notes on Teacher
Compensation address a critical challenge to
quality education by providing a suggested
framework for compensating teachers based on
lessons learnt from practice around the world
The Guidance Notes provide a frame of reference for
discussions on teacher compensation
• Not intended to be prescriptive
• Must be contextualized
The Guidance Notes offer guidance for creating interim
teacher compensation arrangements
• Not intended to provide framework for
negotiation of national teacher compensation
The Guidance Notes are intended for:
• Ministries of Education/Education authorities
• Donors
• United Nations Agencies and Cluster/Sector groups
• International & Local NGOs
• Teachers and Teacher organizations
In situations regarding:
• Refugees
• IDPs
• Returnees
• Overall populations
• States affected by fragility
• Roundtable on Teacher Compensation at the World Bank
in October 2006
Outcome: Recommended more research, good practices
and the need to develop a clear set of Guidance Notes
• Agencies facilitating broad-based, collaborative process:
• Consultants from CfBT Trust
• INEE member case studies from 12 different countries
• Consultative workshops in Washington, London, Paris,
Niger, New York, Turkey
• Ongoing technical input and peer review process from
hundreds of experts around the world
• Interim launch and piloting in the field (Sept 2008 – Feb 2009)
• Launch at INEE Global Consultation (March 2009)
All persons in schools who are
responsible for the education of
Both monetary and non-monetary
(examples of non-monetary compensation
include food, shelter, bicycles and medical
Policy and Coordination of Teacher
Management and Financial Aspects of
Teacher Compensation
Teacher Motivation, Support and
Supervision as Forms of non-Monetary
Teacher Compensation
Policy and Coordination
Collect reliable data and information on
teacher compensation.
Develop coordinated policy on teacher
Monitor and enforce coordinated policy
on teacher compensation.
Management and Financial Aspects
Recognise that government has the
principal responsibility for ensuring
teachers compensation.
Develop an appropriate system for the
identification and payment of teachers.
Identify appropriate systems for financial
controls and payment mechanisms.
Motivation, Support and Supervision
Value complementary forms of teacher
motivation and support.
Ensure professional development and other
forms of training and support are in place.
Institute appropriate management,
supervision and accountability systems for
• Guide inter-agency discussion and inform
collaborative advocacy.
• Assess current challenges to and strategies for
improving policies and programmes.
• Inform the design, monitoring and evaluation of
policies and programmes.
• Inform training and capacity building.