Regional Task Force Groups

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Transcript Regional Task Force Groups

Regional Task
Force Groups
Prepared Summary of the
2005 – 2006 Final Reports for Initiative #5
NY Higher Education Support Center for
Syracuse University
September 2006
Regional Task Force
 6 of 7 Regions actively engaged &
 Regional liaisons and co-liaisons
coordinate efforts
 Regional TF membership may
include IHEs, SETRC, RSSC,
Teacher Center reps, LEAs, parents,
community members and IDEA
Regional Task Force
 Regional participation may be
different than engagement at
Statewide level
 Regional members participating in
Statewide activities (initiatives,
study groups, leadership groups,
Learning Communities) provide
feedback to regional colleagues
 Share common goals
Goal 1:
 To plan and implement quality
inclusive teacher preparation
programs, or to enhance the quality of
those already implemented; and
Goal 2:
• To engage in and to support the
professional development efforts of
selected high need schools in the
seven regions of New York State.
Long Island – Goal 1:
 A study of the inclusive education
practices of Long Island SIG school
districts: Amityville, William Floyd,
Roosevelt, Central Islip, and Freeport
 the study will inform current and future
teacher preparation programs
Long Island – Goal 1:
 Summit for Administrators of high need
schools to share information about
inclusive practices and inform teacher
preparation programs
Long Island – Goal 2
 NYIT continued a 4 year partnership
with Central Islip Union Free Schools
 NYIT continued four year partnership
with Wyandanch
 A new partnership between NYIT and
Long Island – Goal 2
 Hofstra has continued the 4 year
partnership with Amityville
 Hofstra developed a partnership with
 New Partnership between Molloy
College & Copiague UFSD
NYC – Goal 1:
 Sponsored a conference, “Creating an
Inclusive Environment for All
Students,” at Pace University in New
York City
 Increased interaction among IHEs re:
the issues in designing &
implementing inclusive teacher
preparation programs.
NYC – Goal 1:
 Engaged Related Service participation
in Task Force
 Engaged preservice teachers and
preservice OT providers at the
 NYCTF created electronic resources
for regional use including a directory
and weblinks
NYC – Goal 2:
 Increased the visibility of the NYCTF
throughout the public school system
and the school community.
 Over 500 people attended the
conference. Over 100 people were
turned away.
 TF members Parent to Parent
arranged for Theater of Dreams
(student) performance at conference
NYC – Goal 2:
 30 schools were nominated by
Parents of Inclusive Education (PIE)
and by members of the NYCTF to
receive certificates for schools
reaching for excellence in inclusion.
 17 schools completed a brief
questionnaire that provided qualitative
and quantitative data on their inclusion
 SEQA presentation on new IDEA regs
Hudson – Goal 1:
 Focused on strengthening the
inclusive perspective of regional
adolescent teacher education
programs offered by task force
college/university members:
 summer 05 and 06 initiative forums & regional
 the high level of regional participation at the
“Think Tank” on inclusive adolescent
Hudson – Goal 1:
 Infused feedback gathered from
classroom practitioners and new
pedagogy for inclusive and
differentiated instruction
 New courses at Mt.St.Mary’s, Dominican,
SUNY New Paltz
 Increased TF membership and
invigorated participation by IHEs
Hudson – Goal 2:
 Yonkers high school with Iona College
 The Mt. Vernon partnership with Pace
University, Manhattanville College and
College of New Rochelle.
 Peekskill School District and
Marymount College Tarrytown
 The Newburgh School District and
Mount St. Mary College.
Hudson – Goal 2:
 Worked closely with SETRC and
RSSC for training opportunities (data
analysis) and staff development efforts
 Participated in School Improvement
Grant Meetings to promote further
 Shared experiences with TA networks
and districts re: inclusive adolescent
Midstate – Goal 1:
 Strengthened relationships with RSSC,
 Infused UDL into teacher preparation
 Engaged preservice teachers in Inclusion
Conference (UDL presentation)
 Strengthened inclusive teacher preparation
programs with information about field practices
vs. optimal situation inclusive placement
Midstate – Goal 2:
 Reached consensus re: the attributes of
quality inclusive schooling
 Visited and documented inclusive practices
in regional schools:
 Levy Middle School - Syracuse City School District
 Blodgett Middle School - Syracuse City School District
 Herman Avenue Elementary School - Auburn City
School District)
 Developed a report with LEAs describing
the implementation of inclusion in schools
Midwest – Goal 1:
 Added St. John Fisher College and
Roberts Wesleyan College to Task
Force membership
 Collaborative ongoing professional
development activities re: inclusive
education and teacher preparation
 Paula Kluth in Spring 2006
Midwest – Goal 1:
 Engaged more arts and sciences colleagues
 Sponsored a regional co-teaching initiative
used at University of Rochester, Houghton
College, Nazareth College and St. John Fisher
 Future co-teaching initiatives will support
community members and parent advocates to
co-teach at IHEs.
Midwest – Goal 2:
 Consortium of IHE’s worked collaboratively
with SIG schools
 Clyde-Savannah
 Rochester City
 Alexander School Districts
 Continued active participation with regional
network agencies to support professional
development efforts in other high needs
West – Goal 1:
 Conducted a seminar for IHE TF members
and other IHE representatives on IDEA 2004,
to upgrade faculty working knowledge of
federal and state changes in the legislation
for integration into course content
 Co-sponsored our second annual regional
summit, “Making Connections…Regional
Promising Practices” with the SIG Center of
Upstate New York for IHEs, LEAs, TA
Networks, and BOCES
West – Goal 1:
 Engaged with Office of Disability
Services staff to enhance postsecondary opportunities
 5 regional IHEs presented research &
practice information at Inclusion
Conference in Rye Brook, NY
 In-progress on review of our regional
UDL initiative implementation.
West – Goal 1:
 Assessed the induction supports
available to pre-tenure faculty in the
region’s inclusive teacher preparation
programs, through the administration of
an online survey that extended to
statewide involvement. Final data
analysis and results generation early
Fall, with a planned 12/06 refereed
article submission.
West – Goal 2:
 Continued partnerships in the Buffalo
CSD, Jamestown CSD, Dunkirk CSD
through the efforts of Buffalo State
College, Niagara University, and
SUNY Fredonia.
 FSU recruited a district representative
from Silver Creek CSD to participate in
the Adolescent Inclusive Education
Think Tank
West – Goal 2:
 Continued to dovetail other-funded
efforts, to address these systemic
 TLQP activities with high-need schools via
Niagara U and Fredonia have been
conducted with key staff of the regional TF
 The Young Inquiring Scientists project
funded under SED Math Science
Partnership funds (awarded to Dunkirk
CSD) conducted its Year 2 activities in
partnership with TF reps from both FSU and
Summary Analysis
 Continued creation and enhancement of
inclusive teacher preparation programs
 Documented, studied and supported
inclusive education in regional schools
 Increased partnerships with high need
schools for the purpose of improving
student outcomes and developing
teaching skills for inservice and
preservice educators
Summary Analysis
 Increased awareness of NYSDOE
 Increased engagement with TA
 Increased congruence of purpose,
goals and methods for LEAs, IHEs, TA
networks and partners