Hispanic/Spanish Holiday Research Project

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Transcript Hispanic/Spanish Holiday Research Project

Hispanic/Spanish Holiday Research Project


 You may work with ONE other person  Project holidays/celebrations are given away on a first come first served basis  We will spend two days in the lab researching  You will need to produce a PowerPoint/Poster, as well as present your information to the class

The history of the celebration

 What is the celebration in honor of?

 Where do they celebrate?

 When did the first celebration take place?

 Why?

How is the holiday celebrated?

 What are the rituals of the celebration?

 What foods/drinks do they serve?

 How do they dress?

 How do they decorate?

Significance in the Hispanic culture  Why is this holiday so important to Hispanics/the Spanish?

Compare & Contrast across cultures  Do other cultures celebrate this holiday?  Or a similar holiday?

 Where?

 How does their celebration differ?

Interesting facts

 You should be able to find LOTS of interesting information specific to your topic that is not covered in the items previously discussed.

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Title and Name Multiple Slides for each topic  History  Rituals, food, dress, decorations  Significance  Comparisons & Contrasts  Interesting facts Heading on each slide NO FULL SENTENCES LOTS AND LOTS of pictures Captions on all pictures Works cited

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La Quinceañera (a girl’s 15 th birthday) La Carnaval (Feast before Lent) La Semana Santa (Holy/Easter week) La Fiesta de San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) El Día de los Muertos (Day of the dead) El Día deTodos los Santos (All Saint’s Day) Las Posadas (The Inns celebration) La Navidad (Christmas) El Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day) El Día de los Tres Reyes (3 Kings Day) Las Bodas (Weddings) La Muerte (Death) El Cinco de Mayo (Battle of Puebla) El Día de la Candelaría (Feast of Candles) La Tomatina (Tomato Festival) El Día de los Santos Inocentes (April Fool’s Day) Las Fallas (Firey Festival) Villagarcia de Arousa (Water Festival)