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ExCEL After School Programs August Institute August 7, 2014

Administrative Updates:

• Invoicing for DCYF match funds – through CMS • Invoice documentation – Simplified* • Subcontractor approval form – NEW* • Injury/Incident/Suspension reporting – NEW * • Off site Educational Activities – New* this summer • EMS Inventory module for logging in equipment purchases – New* • • Expenditure forms– New* Allowable expenses – Food for trainings and other meetings NOT allowed per audit finding – New*

Program Updates:

• Quality Action Plan – Physical Activity component – New * • Expansion of supper meals program – New* • Calendar of Events – The full year’s calendar is posted on the ExCEL Website

Programs & Services


Executive Director

School Health Programs School Health Programs & Services

Health Education Program K-12 Bullying & Violence Prevention Good Behavior Game Nutrition Education Project CDC HIV Prevention/YMSM/YRBS Safe Routes to School Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Crisis Response Student Intervention Team-Mental Health Interns Social Work Services (LSPs) Foster Youth Services Nursing and Health Services Vision & Hearing Mandates Mentoring for Success Support Services for LGBTQ Youth Wellness Initiative (High Schools)


Associate Superintendent


Executive Director

Pupil Services Pupil Services Programs & Services

Disciplinary & Restorative Conferences and Hearings Attendance & Truancy Intervention Transcripts/Records/Subpoenas Work Permits Restorative Practices Families & Youth in Transition Alternative Education Peer Resources Counseling Services Gear Up SF Promise CPI Training CARE Program Bridge to Success Family Voice

Student Advisory Council MELE LAU-SMITH

Executive Director

School Partnerships Expanded Learning & Out of School Time Programs & Services

Community Schools Initiative ExCEL Afterschool & Out of School Time Family Liaisons Translation/Interpretation

Access & Equity – make social just a reality Student Achievement – create engaging learning environments Accountability – walk the talk Students & Families first Equity & Diversity Leadership Respect

Equity (v): to create or modify systems to eliminate oppression and end bias to ensure equally high outcomes for all SFUSD students so that all students have the opportunity to thrive

• SFSCD plays a key role in the district’s implementation of A

Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS). A unified model of service delivery that

Integrates RtI for academics and RtI for behavior • Which: recognizes the reciprocal influence academic performance and social/emotional/behavior performance has on each other Tier 1: Academic & behavioral supports for all students.

Tier 2: Supplemental targeted academic & behavioral supports for 10-15% of students Tier 3: Intensive supplemental academic & behavioral supports for 5% of students


ExCEL participants attended more program days in 2013-14.

Elementary schools K-8 schools Middle schools High schools 0 29 89 124 136 180 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12

Average Days attended

ExCEL participants continue to report caring adults.

• 91% of youth report that adults in the program are happy to see them.

• 97% of high school youth report that adults are happy to see them!

• 90% of youth report that there is an adult who really cares about them in the program. • 92% of high school youth report this.

ExCEL programs are implementing restorative practices.

• Nearly three-fourths of all youth (73%) report participating in community circles.

• Of those for whom it was relevant, 78% report that an adult used the restorative questions with them when they had conflict.

More youth report having leadership opportunities in their ExCEL program in 2013-14 compared to the prior year.

• 8 in 10 youth report opportunities to learn and lead in their programs; • 73% report that they get to make rules or choose activities in the program (compared to 68% last year). • 81% report that they get to help other students in the program compared to only 77% in 2012-13.

ExCEL programs continue to build academic skills, but could do so more consistently.

• 72% of youth report that they learn study skills in their ExCEL program; this is comparable to last year.

• Among older youth, 86% report they are more likely to finish their homework on time because of the program • and 81% report being more prepared for the next grade level.

Important QAP Dates

Initial QAP is due in EMS on 8/29 • QAP site meetings will take place during September/October • Final QAP including revisions is due in EMS on