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Green @ LISC
Strategic Priority: Green Real Estate Development
Encourage the use of green design strategies in affordable
housing and community development.
Some of Our Work:
 HUD Energy Innovation Fund
 Green Grants and Loans
 NYC Community
Weatherization Partners
 Green Publications
 Local Training and Technical
Since 2004, LISC has helped to fund
26,750 green affordable housing units
Green vs. Energy Efficient
Energy (and water) efficiency
 Reduce utility usage by incorporating resourceefficient appliances and systems
 Value is often more easily quantifiable
Green building
 A more comprehensive approach
 Minimize transportation costs by thoughtful,
sustainable site selection
 Reduce waste with durable, natural, or recycled
 Improve indoor air quality thru healthy materials
 Continued green operations and maintenance
What’s next for Green?
 Heightened focus on retrofits
 Continued investment in quantifiable energy/water
efficiency measures
 Strategic use of data
Our Rural Communities
 Meeting the challenges of resource constraints and
shortage of local “green” professionals
 Capacity building through education and getting the
right team involved locally
 Focus on tenant/client savings and healthier
Looking @ Data
 Manage risk and provide capital to LISC’s community
partners to implement green projects and retrofits
 Identify property improvements with best chance for
 Quantifiable cost/benefit analysis
Asset Management
 Identify underperforming properties in your portfolio
 Early identification of opportunities minimizes waste
and unnecessary costs
Thank you!
“A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan
without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a
plan can change the world.” -Old Proverb
Madeline Fraser Cook
Program Director, LISC Green Development Center
95 Berkeley, Suite 301
Boston, MA 02116
[email protected]
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