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Alderwood Middle School
6 TH G R A D E P A R E N T N I G H T
Building Initiatives
 Comprehension, problem solving, critical thinking
and analysis in the content areas (English, Math,
Social Studies and Science)
 Students are academically and socially connected to
Alderwood Middle School
 Minute to minute strategies for accurately assessing
student performance and communicating results
 Producing citizens for the 21st Century – working
together on relevant topics while giving students
access to technology – i.e. Google Chromebooks
Mustang P.R.I.D.E
 Prepared
 Responsible
 Independent
 Dedicated to Safety
 Empathetic
 ICUs awarded for PRIDEful behavior
 Emphasizes correct behavior in a variety of settings
 Based on AMS Creed: Succeed academically, respect
ourselves and others, and create a safe environment
School Day
 6 periods (Math, Science, Social Studies, English,
Health/PE and an elective or support class)
 55 minutes each
 3 Lunches; 30 minutes each
15 min. eating in cafeteria, then dismissed for social activities
 8:00 start – 2:30 finish
 5 min. passing periods
Class Presentations
 Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying
 Don’t be a bystander
 Practice P.R.I.D.E
 Confidential
 Filling out reports/witness statements
 Appropriate Use of the Internet/Facebook/Texting
 Think before you post/send/search
 Anything you send can be saved
 Can have career and school ramifications
 Using Chromebooks for academic reasons
 1:1 - for use at home and school
 Google Apps for Education
 Gmail
 Google Drive
 Damage and Loss Program
 $30 fee, $10 if you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
 Students must keep the computer in their bags
 Report damage right away
 Teachers can push out/collect assignments, email,
After School
 Clubs ($8 ASB Card required)
ASB – Core Council, etc.
 National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
 Yearbook
 Technology Student Association
 Cooking, Art, Photography, Weight Training, Soccer Club, etc.
 Study Club and Study Table offered after school
 Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays until 3:05
 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Study Tables until 4:05
 Study Club bus sign-ups in office; first come, first served
Dropped off at location close to normal bus stop
Interscholastic Sports
 Edmonds is in the SnoKing League with Mukilteo
and Shoreline
 Sports include:
Fall – 8th Grade Football, Cross-Country, Girls Fastpitch
Winter 1 – Volleyball and Boys Basketball
Winter 2 – Girls Basketball and Wrestling
Spring – Track and Field
 Sports buses take students home after practice at
4:30pm; practice is every school day
 Paperwork is located on the AMS website
Student Recognition
 Honor Garden – citizenship, devotion to learning
 Honor Roll Recognition Party and Certificate
 On-A-Roll Certificate
 ICU Slips – Weekly Drawings and Daily Awards
 Lunchtime announcements
 Morning announcements
 Students of the Month
 End of the Year Awards – 8th Grade
 Department Awards
 Overall Athlete, Musician, Citizen, etc.
Rules and Expectations
 Attendance
 Call into the attendance office if your child is going to be late or
absent from school
 VERY IMPORTANT!  Can result in court consequences
 Hats and Hoods
 They may be worn TO school but not IN school
 Electronics
 iPods, cell phones, etc. concealed when entering until 2:30
 Not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items
 Computers
 Used for academic use only; leave in the computer bag
Rules and Expectations cont…
 Cafeteria
 Seated for first 15 minutes then….Wii, Library, Basketball, etc.
 Buses
 Stay seated, school rules still apply…
 Backpacks
 Students are permitted to carry string backpacks to their
 Students need to use their lockers – gym and regular
 Tardies
 5 minutes to get to class, 3 tardies in one quarter = detention
Parent Nights and Events
 Curriculum Night – September
 Music Festivals in Winter and Spring
 Love and Logic – Parenting Classes
 Grief and Loss Group
 Barnes and Noble Night
 Talent Show
 Multicultural Dinner
 Monthly meetings with the Principal
 Community Coffees – Admin. can come to you
Emergency Info/Communication
 Please use school office to contact students, not student
cell phones
 Communication is essential
Please make sure your information is current
 “Big Mouth” Robocalls and Emails
If you haven’t been receiving phone calls or emails, please let us
 AMS Website
 Newsletters
 Teacher Websites
 Skyward Notices
Tips for Success
 Stay off or highly supervise, Facebook, texting
60% of problems at school have technology origins
 Call and/or email your teachers, counselors, admin.
 Review planner or calendar
Student Handbook
Calendar, stay organized
 Encourage Schedule working at Study Club, Study Table
 Give a time and place for homework
 Check Skyward
Counseling office can help support
 Be involved
Communicate and link with teachers
Ask your child for a daily report