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IT Schedule 70
Putting the Pieces Together
Kay Ely
Director, IT Schedule Programs
GSA Integrated Technology Services
December 8, 2011
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
• Provide a brief update of IT Schedule 70 and new initiatives
• Outline Pathways to Success
• Address your questions
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
Integrated Technology Services (ITS)
• Mission
– Excel at providing customers easy access to IT
solutions through quality industry partners to fulfill government
mission requirements
• Value
– To reduce acquisition time, cost, and risk, allowing our customers
to focus on their mission
• Vision
– Great Government through Technology
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
“Great Government Through Technology”
• Sustainability is woven into the fabric of GSA’s business as a
solutions provider for government
• GSA is leading the drive towards government efficiency with a
customized telepresence solution
• Reinforce the aims of OFPP’s Myth Buster’s campaign (point
#24 on the Federal IT Reform Plan) – to increase engagement
between industry and government
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
Providing Pathways to Success
• IT Schedule 70 Recent Success Stories
– Department of Education
• Other Successes (State & Local)
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
IT Schedule 70 – Snapshot
• Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts for
Information Technology hardware, software, and professional
• Direct access to over 5000 contract holders delivering
information technology products, software and professional
• Solutions to meet of multiple priorities, increased demands,
and diminishing resources 2011 Focus on realizing
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
IT Schedule 70 – Snapshot
IT Schedule 70 grants agencies direct access to commercial experts who can thoroughly
address the needs of the government IT community through Special Item Numbers (SINs).
IT Schedule 70 Offerings
• Software Licenses
• IT Equipment (Sales or Lease)
• IT Training Courses
• IT Professional Services
• E-Commerce Services
• Cloud Services
• Wireless Services
• Satellite Services
• Identity and Access Management Products
and Services:
•Digital Certificates
•HSPD-12 Products and Services
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
IT Schedule 70 Features
• ID/IQ contracting vehicle to procure IT
commercial products and services
• Ordering agency selects products and services
based on “best value” determination
• Roughly 80% of all contracts are held by Small
• More than 40% of all IT Schedule 70 Sales by
Customer Agencies are with Small Business
• Enable agencies to meet socioeconomic goals
• Available to state/local under certain authorities
Benefits of IT Schedule 70
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
Pre-vetted local and global contractors, including
small and disadvantaged businesses
A suite of eTools to streamline processes, such as
market research and competition
Complimentary trainings and assistance available
The ability to establish agreements, known as Blanket
Purchase Agreements, for recurring needs
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
Pre-negotiated ceiling prices that can be further
discounted through head-to-head competition and
The IT Schedule 70 offers…
Benefits of IT Schedule 70 Cont.
  
 
 
Benefits of IT Schedule 70 Cont.
• Vast array of IT products and services under contract are cost
efficient and compliant with applicable procurement
• Streamlined Process - direct order-direct bill contract vehicles
for commercial products and services
• Complex Total Solutions and requirements available through •
Contractor Teaming Agreements
Blanket Purchase Agreements
• Unparalleled opportunities for small business vendors to
compete in the Federal marketplace
• Uses an electronic contracting system (e-Offer & e-Mod) to
improve contracting process
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
Enhancing “Customer Intimacy”
• Increase Focus on Customer Service
– IT 70 National Helpline and Webpage
– Helpline – 1 (877) 446-IT70 (4870), e-mail: [email protected]
– Website –
• Training and education the government acquisition workforce
• Teaming with agencies to meet small business goals
• Internal collaboration to provide IT Solutions support
• Specialists assigned specifically to agencies
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Operational Excellence
Current Status
Next Steps
Two New Branches
• Established new branches in
Ft. Worth and Atlanta
• In the process of being staffed
and made ready to accept
Continuous monitoring of workload
to redistribute, as needed
IT Commodity Buy
Established and launched the IT
Commodity Buy Pilot Program
located in Atlanta, GA
Program is working on Innovative
Direct Ordering of end-to-end
BPA solutions for IT Commodities
Mandated Use of eOffer/eMod
Vendors are required to have a
digital certificate prior to accessing
the eOffer/eMod application. For
more information on eOffer/eMod
or digital certificates, please visit:
• System is up and running
• eOffer/eMod shows improvement
in our response times
Continuous Improvement to the
Refresh 29 completed: to add
mandate use of eOffer/eMod
Refresh 30
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
Cooperative Purchasing Program
Increase State and Local Government Usage• State and local government use Schedule 70 contracts to meet
their missions under the Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster
Recovery Purchasing Programs
Voluntary program on the part of the contractors
Approximately 3,000 + contractors participate in program
Active outreach campaign to educate State and local customers
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
Questions and Comments
GSA Confidential and Proprietary
• Thank You
• Feedback
• GSA Expo
– May 14 – 18 2012, San Antonio, TX
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