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CS Senior Project Brief
Problem Statement
• Globalization
• Individuals, teams, and organizations make
critical errors because of culture
• Market need for tools and expertise in cross
cultural competence (3C)
Project Requirements
Take job aids and cultural toolkit to a database driven searchable (multiple
fields, e.g. region, task type, etc.) web and mobile device tool
– Hofstede, Trompenaars, Gelfand, dimensions
– This data is already collected, and much is easily accessible
– Graphically represented (infographics?), allowing comparisons
Interface with a map w/ regions
Place to upload tagged, searchable video
3rd party content (e.g. Ghosn video),
Place where questionnaires can be placed and data portrayed real time in
Ability to add content, serve as a portal for partners websites and products
ICCM Differentiators
• Content expertise
• Research capabilities
• Access to first hand accounts of culture
• Partners with advanced technology companies
Thank You!
Richard Griffith, Ph.D., Executive Director
Institute for Cross-Cultural Management
[email protected] (321) 674-8104