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LDHS Freshman Academy


Why the Buzz?

In other words, why is everyone so concerned about 9th graders?

The average failure rate among high school freshmen is 20%. Research shows that when a student fails 9 th grade, he/she has only a 5% chance of graduating from high school.


: Southern Regional Education Board

 

LDHS Freshman Academy Goals

 To increase our performance on state assessments To conduct attendance and behavioral interventions To strengthen parent/teacher/student relationships

How to be a successful academy student at LDHS:

      Attend class regularly Know your grades/Ask for help Know the rules Get involved in extra curricular activities Stay organized Maintain a positive attitude


 In each class where school credit may be awarded, a student is allowed to miss no more than 5 classes and still receive a unit of credit for a 1 unit course.  If the absences exceed 5 for a 1 unit course, a student must, within 5 days of his absence, present a statement from a physician or complete attendance recovery requirements.


 Students must be present in a class for a minimum of one hour in order to be counted present for the class.

 Students who exceed the approved limits for unexcused absences do not receive credit in the course


of final grade average.


 9 th grade students need 5 Carnegie units which include one English and one math unit.  Of the 8 classes your child will have this year, he/she MUST pass at least five classes to be promoted to the 10 th grade.

Seek Help if Needed!

 Homework Center/ Testing Center will be provided for students to receive extra help and to make up tests/quizzes.

Parent Involvement

 Interims will be sent home from all core ninth grade academy teachers every two to three weeks.  School interims and report cards will be sent home 4 times a year. These will include core classes plus electives.


 The purpose of wearing ID badges is to allow staff members to recognize students and to help ensure that students and staff will be safe on school grounds at all times.  Every student is required to wear his ID badge face-up on a school-issued lanyard around his neck at all times during the school day.


 Not being in the classroom when the bell begins to ring.

 Find the quickest route to and from classes and plan accordingly.

 Using the bathroom and being at lockers is not an excuse for being tardy.

Why Extracurricular Activities?

 One study on adolescents and extracurricular activities found that adolescents who participated in extracurricular activities reported higher grades, more positive attitudes toward school, and higher academic aspirations (Darling, Caldwell and Smith, 2005).

Get Involved

        Drama FCA FFA Gospel Choir HOSA Interact Club International Club Science Club     Various Sports Team Beta Club Honor Society Student Council


      Freshmen Night Sporting Events Mr. and Mrs. LDHS Winter Formal Drama Productions Band/ Orchestra/Chorus Productions

O r g a n i i z a t o n

Why purchasing a planner is a GREAT idea?

         Daily homework assignments Project and other assignment due dates Quiz, test, exam and presentation dates Beginning and ending of marking periods Reminders to bring special materials Locker combinations Medical and dental appointments School holidays Dates of tryouts, auditions, athletic events and performances

First day of School

    Plan your wardrobe accordingly and make a good first impression.

Students must wear appropriate clothing that will not in any way impede or distract (either physically or mentally) the learning of other students. A dress code has been implemented as part of the administration’s attempt to ensure a positive school climate. Students are encouraged to develop good habits (including appropriate dress) which will serve them well after their high school careers have ended.

First Day of School

 ALL ninth graders should report to the GYM when arriving to school each morning.

 Students will report to homeroom at 8:15 the first two days of school.  Students who think something is wrong with his/her schedule or was assigned to a course that they think they did not sign up for should complete a guidance appointment request form.


  We are here for you.

If your student has any problems or concerns during the school year, please seek out a teacher, administrator, or guidance counselor.

Our mission at LDHS is to develop productive citizens for our society.

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