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Transcript IEEE Educational Activities Board

IEEE Technical Activities Volunteer Training
Activities in Education
July 2014
Presentation outline
Educating for and beyond your technical community
– Pre-university education
– University education
– Continuing education
How your technical community can benefit
– Awards
– Competitions
How you personally can volunteer
Who to contact
Educating for and beyond your
technical community
Education activities differentiated by age group
Pre-university education
– targeted at ages 8 – 18
– Focus formal and informal education
– Student and teacher focused
University education
– targeted at ages 18+
– Focus course content and awards
Continuing education
– Focus on professional development
Pre-university education
activities typically focused for 8-18
years of age
Pre-university education portals
Open-source portals with resources for teachers,
students, parents, etc.
Typically aimed for age groups 8-18
Lesson Plans
Over 100 hands-on
class activities
University search
Where to study
Play Games
Play virtual games
In 9 Languages!
We are
find someone
Studyfrom your TC
Explore computing degree
programs around the world
Browse computing
professional career profiles
and computing hero profiles
Pre-university education TISP - train the teacher
Pre-university education TISP
Teacher in-service program
Train Volunteers
IEEE Section / Society / Chapter Members
Teachers and Instructors
Using approved lesson plans from portal
IEEE members will develop and conduct TISP
training sessions with teachers
Teachers use ideas / lessons in classroom
Get involved – TISP
Get your community involved - Plan a TISP event
Organise a TISP road show
Train local teachers on use of a specific lesson plan
Create a lesson plan based on your technical expertise
Pre-university education –
Engineering Projects in Community Service
University and high-school students to work on
engineering-related projects for local area
humanitarian organizations
The need
Community service organizations need help from those
with technical backgrounds to use technology to deliver
their services.
This encourage young students to pursue engineering
Get involved – typical EPICS projects
Drexel University
you monitoring
know?river air- & water-quality
The Philadelphia Clean Air Council is developing and
We are still waiting for a group from China
disseminating policies for improving air and water quality.
to participate
get an
The team
are creating a–sensor
monitor the air
- be the first and benefit your
and together
water quality.
local community
Purdue University
Instructions on how to participate:
Green Initiative Wind Turbine
The team are constructing a wind turbine on campus to
power recreational lights and educate the community about
wind energy and environmental sustainability.
Pre-university informal education IEEE Low Cost Exhibits
Create low cost museum exhibits for science and
technology centers targeted for teachers, parents
and students ages 8-18 that can be replicated in
museums around the world
Pre-university informal education IEEE Spark!
Future editions - Technical
communities to propose
ideas and help with content
Promote competition –
‘Ignite a Spark!’ submit
pictures of student outcomes
from an activity listed in prior
edition. Announced soon, be
University education
activities for educators and students
University education Standards
Objective: promote use of standards in universities
Education standards eMagazine:
– OpenStand
– e-Health Standards
– Communications & Networking Standards
– Focus on Standards Education in China (2012, vol 2, no 2)
– The Smart Grid
Case studies
Practical ideas from professors
University education Curriculum guidelines
Objective: share good practice on curriculum
Curriculum Guidelines define what topics should
be in specific curriculum
Case studies on how they can be used
Example: The Computer Society has many
curricular definitions
- these can be specialized for
specific countries / programs and submitted for
‘Recognition’ by the society
University education Portal
Get involved – Standards education
Subject matter experts sought - work to create
tutorials and case studies of the application of
standards. IEEE honorariums are now available.
Contact [email protected]
Grants to undergraduate and graduate students to
help with graduate and capstone design projects
with an industry standards component
($500US for students, with additional honoraria for
faculty mentors).
University informal education IBM-IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge
Joint IEEE/IBM competition for current students to
develop projects for future students to:
– Demonstrate applications of technical, business and legal
principles that solve real-world problems based on IBM’s
Smarter Planet Challenge
– Encourages students to work together in multi-disciplinary
You’ve still got time!
– Application deadline: 1 October 2014
– Judging completed: 15 November 2014
– Awards announced: 1 December 2014
Professional education
activities to help enhance your career
Professional education
Objective: To provide IEEE members and all persons
involved in IEEE’s fields of interest with accessible and
affordable high quality continuing education products
– IEEE English for Engineering
– IEEE eLearning Library
– Short course training
– Standards Education
Participate – Training Opportunities
Webinar – ½ to 1 hour presentation focused on your field
Tutorial - is a 1-2 hour presentation focused on your field
Short course - Typically ½ day to 1 day-long on a set topic
Create / curate content for live presentation and/or online
– New and emerging trends
– Introduction to state-of-the-art topics
– Innovative approach
From Society/Technical Council-sponsored content
– Events at flagship conferences and workshops
– Content previously presented at sponsored events for new audiences
– Existing online collections of conference tutorial materials
Competitions & awards
Competitions and Awards
– Bring visibility to your technical community
– Motive students to learn new technologies / approaches
Enter competitions or create your own
– Student or professional teams may demonstrate the use of
technological / practical applications or be given a problem
to solve using a specific technology and compete against
others in finding best solution
– Participants may produce content (video, poster, etc.)
explaining a particular field of interest
IEEE Education Awards –
10 annually
Meritorious Achievement Award in
Accreditation Activities
Continuing Education
Informal Education
Did you know…
Standards Education Award
Professional Development Award for
Plan for 2015 now…
Pre-University Educator Award
Major Educational Innovation Award
Meritorious Service Citation
Volunteering: case study
Technical conference Co-chair
Volunteered to ‘mark’ a student comp
for Computer Society in Region 8
Acted as judge for the international
2008 won CS University Educator
Member Computer Society EAB
Voted BoG (2009); VP EAB
Session chair Transforming
Engineering Education (2010)
Now CS 1st VP (MGA) and Chair IEEE
How You Can Volunteer
To participate in any of these activities
– Identify which type of activity best fits your strengths/field of
– Propose plan for your activity (value, quality of information, etc.)
– Identify which Society/Technical Council, Chapter, Section,
Region, Student Branch, or Organizational Unit is appropriate for
dissemination of material or further planning of activity
– Contact appropriate Society/Technical Council, Chapter, Section,
Region, Student Branch, or Organizational Unit
Who to Contact
To see how you can help volunteer first determine
where your interests or ideas are best suited
Then, for:
– Technical Activity contact that Society/Technical Council’s VP
– interests of a specific geographical area, contact
Chapter/Section/Region VP of Education or Education Chair
– Activity pertinent to a Student Branch, contact that Student
Branch’s Education Chair
– Standards, contact IEEE Standards Association Education Chair
– IEEE Education activity, use contact on web site
Any questions?