Other Tribes

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Transcript Other Tribes

We will be focusing on mainly the Missouri
Indians but we will mention other tribes.
The Missouri Indians were a part of the
southern Sioux tribes who lived along the
Missouri River. Missouri our state was named
after the Missouri Indians because people
started marking their maps Missouri where the
Missouri Indians lived . That is how our state
got it’s name meaning ‘‘ people of the big
canoes .’’
The Missouri Indians ate food that was
cooked,boiled such as corn, beans,and
pumpkins.Some gathered berries and
swopped with other tribes.
Missouri was a small tribe. Missouri name
means “ People with the dugout canoes.” They
also hunted buffalo. The Missouri Indians were
part of the Southern Sioux. They were framers
who lived in oven shaped areas. The crops that
they grow were mostly tobacco.
Woman wore a lot. Jewelry, such as earrings
and bracelets. The men wore bare claw
necklaces, fur arm, guard , and blue shirt,
white, blanket, with blue stripe, red cloth
leggings with straps to belt, red and yellow
feathers, split ear lobe with pendent on hoop,
feathers, paint,and nose hoop.
The Plains Indians included tribes such as the
Pawnee,and many more.These tribes lived in
the Great Plains region of North America.The
Great Plains was made up of
gasslands,valleys,streams,and hills.There were
very few trees where these tribes lived.It was
hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
There were many wild animals for these tribes
to hunt.
Plains Indians lived in teepees made of buffalo
hides .The door to the teepee was round .
Women on these tribes were responsible for
putting up and taking down the teepees.
Some tribes did not move from place to place,
so these Indians lived in earth or grass lodges.