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Oliver Lamaca
Customer Account Manager
• Presenter: Oliver Lamaca (Customer Account Manager)
• Former Accountant and Network Administrator
 Radio, television, publishing and manufacturing & distribution
• 15 years with IndustryBuilt Software
• Developer -> Business Analyst -> P.M. -> Manager -> Pre-Sales
• Started with version 2.0 of Navision in 1999
Why is Security Necessary?
• Hide data like payroll, recipes or sales
• Protect data from accidental changes
• Ensure data integrity by protecting setup
• Segregation of duties
• External requirements (SOX)
• Auditors
Basic Dynamics-NAV Security
Object Designer
What are these objects and what do they do?
Roles & Permissions
What are Roles?
• Roles represent what users do
• Roles are assigned to a user or
groups of users
• A user can be assigned one or
more roles
• Each role will have one or more set
of permissions
What are Permissions?
What does
Indirect mean?
What’s the
difference between
Table Data & Table?
Why is this Zero?
Permission control access to data
Basic Dynamics-NAV Security Challenges
What objects do users need?
How do you know what permissions
to give?
Direct vs. indirect permissions
Do they need other objects?
Not enough or too much permission
Multiple roles and multiple companies
Field or object level security
Trial & error
What is NAV Easy Security?
Complete solution for NAV Security
RoleTailored and Classic Client
Field Level, Actions and Data Security
Control access to forms and pages (edit, read only and hide)
Control access to fields (edit, read only and hide)
Control actions and buttons (normal, greyed-out and hide)
Filter data on forms and pages to only show some records
Small manual customization for reports and other objects
Roles and Logins
Record permissions with SQL Profiler and Client Monitor (classic only)
Group roles and companies
Restore point
Object level permissions
• Logins
• Roles & Role Groups
• Recording Roles
• Field Level Security
• Data Security
• Restore Points
• Publishing Permissions
Easy Security makes it easy to…
• Maintain logins and roles using role and company groups
• Record user required roles and permissions using SQL profiler while
they are at their desk and you are at yours
• Source Code Analyzer handles many customizations, add-ons, etc.
• Publish security to live
• Restore previously working security model
• Limit user access to specific fields, data and controls
Easy Security Role Demo Data
114 roles based on Segregation of Duties
Verified with FastPath with no Sarbanes-Oxley conflicts
Recorded and verified in NAV
Finance, Sales, Purchase and Inventory
NA 2009 R2 and 2013 R2 (US, CA and MX)
Banking (2) Budget (1) Customer (5) Finance (16) Item (8) Purchase (17) Role Centers (22) Sales
(17) Technical (15) Transfer Order (6) Vendor (5)
All 21 Role Centers recorded with read access only
Technical Login only and many more
• 2.60 executable or later. All application versions (Classic or RTC)
• Only new objects (no merge required)
• Currently in 8 languages
For more information:
[email protected]