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Library Budgeting and its
Bhupendra Ratha, Lecturer
School of Library and Information Science
Devi Ahilya University, Indore
Email: [email protected]
A budget is an estimation of probable income
and expenditure for the ensuring year.
In other words, it may be described as a
statement of revenue and expenditure for a
given period usually one year.
Objectives of Library Budget
To present a statement of estimated revenues and
expenditures for a given period.
To serve as a plan for the effective coordination of
resources and expenditure.
To present details regarding the services that are to be
given at a future.
To serve as a basic financial control mechanism.
To serve as a device for evaluating results.
To serve as a tool for the financial management.
To form the basis for the formation of future policy.
Techniques of Budgeting
Line by line budgeting
 Formula budgeting
 Program budgeting
 Performance budgeting
 Planning Programming Budgeting System
 Zero Based Budgeting
Process of Budgeting
Factors to be Considered in Budgeting
The types of library
 The size of library
 The types of users and numbers of users
 Document collection
 Programs and performance of different
sections of library.
Tips for Budget Making
Each section should be maintained a budget file.
 Each estimate must be detailed.
 All the departmental reports should be
incorporated in a general budget form.
 All the accountant or account assistant should
carefully do the cumulative work, so that an
exact idea is got as to what total amount is
required for each work.