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Definition Essays
How would you explain the relationship
between and among these people?
What is a definition/ information
Way of explaining a term, relationship, or
idea that might be unfamiliar to the
intended audience.
◦ You may define a term (gaming addiction)
◦ Thing (perfume pills)
◦ Relationship (how businesses are utilizing
virtual world technology)
◦ Idea/ Philosophy (Ethics of using drone
technology in the military)
◦ the audience about something they do
not already understand
◦ Your audience of the importance of
your topic/ idea/ etc.
Extended Definitions
Define the term/ idea/ object/ philosophy itself
◦ Fork
◦ Dalmatian
The class to which it belongs
◦ Utensil
◦ Breed of dog
Distinguishing Characteristics
Two or more prongs
Used for eating or serving food
Originated in Dalmatia
Has short, smooth coat with black or dark brown
An Extended Definition is Specific
and Focused
Focus on a specific term, idea, relationship,
or object
 Discuss that one thing in great detail
 Relate it to the audience using description
and illustration
It Makes A Point- Thesis
Thesis usually includes a brief definition of
the term and why it is worth reading
◦ Use of drones, or unmanned aircraft used by
the military for espionage or attacking
purposes by the military, is a highly unethical.
◦ The act of giving students computers which
can be taken home is a practice that only
distracts students from their classwork.
Use other Patterns of Development
to Clarify
 Illustrate- use stories and examples
 Process- How it works
 Compare and Contrast- define what it is
and what it is not
 Classify it into a category
 Divide- show all of its parts
 Cause and Effect
 Argue its value or ethics
Sufficient Distinguishing
Characteristics and Details
Use Vivid Language
 Make the Reader Fully Understand what
the term is
 Mention many characteristics of what the
term is
 Address misconceptions so the reader
can distinguish it from similar ideas
◦ How online college classes are different from
on campus classes
Writing the Essay- Prewriting
Read Information
Generate Ideas
Narrow the topic to a specific term
Find specific information and examples
1. Brainstorm with a friend
Consider your purpose
6. Audience
7. Point of View
8. Identify Distinguishing Characteristics and
supporting Details
Thesis and Organizing
Develop a working thesis statement
◦ Briefly defines term and tells why it is
Evaluate your ideas
◦ Do you have enough information
◦ Facts, descriptions, expert testimony
Decide on the reader’s journey
◦ What order should you present information
◦ Outline it all
Writing the Draft
Include enough details and information
Consider including history or etymology of
the term- where it came from
Use transitions
Write an effective introduction
◦ Get the reader’s attention
◦ Make sure the thesis is complex enough to be
discussed for the entire paper
Write a Conclusive Conclusion
◦ Reinforce the thesis
◦ Draw essay to a satisfying close
Concentrate on ideas and organization
◦ This improves grades by letters
◦ Grammar and spelling improves grades by +
Think of other terms/ ideas that could be
defined by your essay
◦ If there is one, you must change something
◦ How do you deal with what does not “fit”
your defintion?
Edit and Proofread
Only do this after a well revised essay as
been made
 CUPS (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation,
 Improve wording and awkwardness
 Check In-text Citations and Works Cited
 Double check formatting etc. on turnitin
and Word