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Good Day
This is your
30-Second DPN
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What are
Work Incentives?
You just found out your wife is pregnant…with triplets!
Social Security Rules that allow Social Security Beneficiaries to return to work.
You’ve just been invited to meet with your HR representative after a less than
stellar performance evaluation.
The cost of living just went up, and you now have more mouths to feed. While
this would certainly be an incentive to go to work in this circumstance, try again
for a better answer!
Never a more appropriate time to step up your game than when HR is
knocking on your door, especially these days! However, there is a better
answer. Please try again.
Great Job!
You got it! There are more Work Incentives than ever that can assist Social Security beneficiaries in the
return to work. Work Incentives can assist individuals with disabilities in keeping some, or all of their
benefits when returning to work. See your local Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC) for more
information, and help in benefits planning. To find a CWIC in your state, click here to be directed to Social
Security’s Work Site.
Thank you
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