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History 151
Fall 2008
E Komo Mai!
Course Description:
 A survey of World
History from earliest
times through 1600
Contact Information
 LJ Padilla PB 1-7 Upper Campus
[email protected]
 Office Hours: M-TR 2-3:30
Required Readings
 Clive Ponting, A Green History of the World:
The Environment & the Collapse of Great
 Richard Paul and Linda Elder, "How to
Study & Learn" and "Analytical Thinking"
 Handouts as assigned from various primary
and secondary sources
Course Requirements
 Seven Chapter Reviews OR Quiz’s
7 @ 10 points each = 70 points
 Five Map Quiz's
[email protected] 5 points each= 25 points
 One World Cultures Presentation = 25 points
 Attendance & Participation
4 points each week = 64 points
A 184-166
Grade Scale
B 165-148 C 147-130
D 129-112
 Combination of multiple choice, short
answer and take home essay
 Open note with study guide for readings
 Exams cover all readings, discussions and
 Make ups given for documented medical
The Americas
Handouts/Website given for
independent study. Material not covered
in class. Study groups encouraged.
 Quiz’s given in class
Select One
Cultural History
Select a native cultural group from one of
the following regions; Africa, Oceania,
Europe, Asia, the Americas.
The presentation should focus on cultural
topics such as religion, language, dance,
music, art, rituals/tradition, philosophy and/
or notable leaders.
Complete research and build a presentation
that includes a five minute talk, visual aid
and outline for each student.
In this process you will complete self, peer
and group evaluations using a rubric to
evaluate the group process from concept
development through implementation.
 Attendance and participation are very
important in this course and is part of your
 Please arrive on time
 stay for the entire class meeting
 bring reading material
 have assigned work completed and ready on
your desk at the start of class
 take notes
 listen
 participate in class discussions to earn
 Attendance will be taken each class meeting
Working on computers
Using cell to text, view items etc
Talking during presentations
Listening to audio devices
Working on homework that should have been
completed before the start of class
 Absence, late arrivals, early departures
 Lack of reading materials or assignments
 Failure to pay attention, take notes,
collaborate during group work and
participate in discussions
All result in a zero for the class meeting
 This is a student centered course that requires
consistent student participation in both small and large
group situations.
 Please turn off your pagers and cell phones in class.
 All exams are open note with a study guide.
 All assignments need to be typed. Handwritten
classroom activities must be legible to earn credit.
 Students are responsible for all lecture material,
announcements and handouts for each class period. If
you miss some material, ask a classmate. Most
announcements and assignments are made at the
beginning of the class period and will not be repeated
for late or absent students. You are welcome to discuss
material or ask for clarification at any time and invite
you to visit during office hours.
 The Learning Center provides free access to
computers, tutoring, learning skills development,
make up testing, writing/math and ESL assistance.
 HawCC is committed to provide equal access to the
campus, course information and activities for
students with disabilities. If you have a documented
disability and/or related access needs, please see
me during my office hours, or contact Karen Kane at
the Kokua program 933-0702 [email protected]
 Students are expected to be familiar with and abide
by the Hawaii Community College Student Conduct
 Plagiarism will result in a zero on the
assignment. Please review
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagiarism about this
topic or ask questions for further clarification.
 Please let me know how I can help you succeed at
HAWCC and in this course. I am looking forward to
working with you and participating in your academic