BusAd 551 - Corporate Financial Decisions

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Transparency in Evaluation and
other Testing Tools
Dr. Mazin Aljanabi, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance
School of Business Administration
Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane
Excel Based Grading Sheet
Preventing errors as a result of adding up grades manually
at end of semester.
Quick reference for professor to check the performance of
any student during any period of the semester.
Students can consult with professor of their
performance/progress status during the semester.
Create transparency of conduct between professor and his
Mazin Aljanabi,Ph.D. AlAkhawayn University,SBA
Example of Excel Based Grading Sheet
Mazin Aljanabi,Ph.D. AlAkhawayn University,SBA
Case Analysis and Debates
Cases are based on real world financial crises (e.g. Mexican peso
devaluation) and real companies (e.g. Lufthansa airlines hedging
strategies of foreign exchange risk).
Students prepare for the case and answer relevant questions before
coming to class.
Debate takes place in class to find correct answers and other possible
solutions for the case under study.
Students get score points (first come first served basis) on their
participation in the debate and on answering questions and
suggesting feasible solutions other than obvious ones.
Mazin Aljanabi,Ph.D. AlAkhawayn University,SBA
Evaluation by Role Play
Student Presentations
Presentations by students on the current status of a bank and its
financial strengths, weaknesses, expected returns and risk taking.
Students are divided into small competing groups. All students must
participate in the presentation in order to prevent free-riding.
Professor acts as chief executive officer (CEO) of the bank.
Each group will present the status of the bank and is expected to
answer practical questions on the status of the bank. Question and
criticisms can be addressed by the CEO and board of directors (other
competing group).
Score points are given to the best group and to individual participants.
This is based on material of presentation, addressing themselves to
the board of directors, answering relevant questions and acting as
finance executives.
Mazin Aljanabi,Ph.D. AlAkhawayn University,SBA