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The MALT development
Ros Hill & Anne Partington
Malt is a multi agency
team working within
Integrated children's
services. Working
jointly with youth and
community, education,
health and the
voluntary sector.
The MALTS work with
children 0-18 years, their
parents and the
professionals in contact
with them. The aim of
the service is to work
with young people with
social, emotional or
behavioural difficulties.
I = Identification and action
T = Transition
N = Needs met
The CAF as part of a continuum
Build on what resources already
exist in the community
Who is doing what and where with young
people and families in the Malt area ?
The team develop links and joint working
protocols, using the CAF, with schools and
other partners (including the voluntary sector)
to wrap accountable and safe services around
children, young people and families.
Develop a service based on what schools, the
community, young people and families want.
Define what the level of need is and how can the teams limited
resources be best used.
Who are the schools and
community most worried
about ?
Build capacity !
Create ongoing dialogue and
involvement with service users in team
development and service provision
Find out about existing good practice.
Find out who has got the
relationships with young people in
this area of the city. Develop ways
of working to borrow this trust.
Early intervention, quick
response, based in the local
community, using the CAF
Develop robust ways to
support universal services
such as schools re emotional
and mental health needs of
young people.
Developing a remit
and shared vision
with schools
Create simple and flexible referral system - swift and easy
access to specialist support and clear pathways. The CAF!
Get out there and be accessible
and useful !!
Child focused
Joined up
Family Support
BME community
Develop appropriate services for
the BME communities.
Develop effective partnerships
Develop links, listen and involve.
Borrow trust/piggy back
Create culturally competent
Place and name matters.
Use appropriate language
Raise awareness.
Increase community resilience,
Hopes for 6 months time ……
Improved emotional health and
wellbeing of young people in Malt
assessments and
support to the network,
young person and
Positive mental
health promotion
Positive impact
within families and
Skilling up , liaising, training
and supporting schools
Team providing
effective and
imaginative range of
interventions, direct
individual therapeutic
Parenting groups
Further implementation of CAF
across agencies
Measurable outcomes – in line with NSF
Useful and relevant service
for BME communities
Creation of comprehensive CAMHS.