World Cultures

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“Which is greater, the
impact of the earth on
people or the impact of
people on the earth?”
Geographic Tools
 Instruments used to collect, organize, store, or
display geographic information.
 Began with maps and has evolved into Sonar,
satellites, GPS and GIS
 GIS – Global information system.
 Draw a map of your bedroom on a piece of paper
 Does your map have the following…
 Title
 Compass Rose
 Scale
 Key
Night stand
Monkey cage
= 6 ft
5 Themes of Geography
 Location
 Place
 Regions
 Movement
 Human Environment Interaction
Location – Where a place is on
the earth.
 Absolute location – position on the globe
 Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude
 Get an atlas from the shelf.
 On the notecard provided
Pick 3 cities from the earth and write down the latitude and
longitudes of those cities without identifying which city it is.
 Switch cards with a partner
Name the cities represented with the lines of latitude and
 Relative location: its relation
compared to other places
Name several relative locations for Erie
Place – Characteristics that
make it unique or different
 Physical Characteristics:
landforms, ecosystems, climate,
 Human Characteristics: how
many people live, work, and visit,
language, customs, and economy
Region – a group of places with
at least one common
 Formal Regions: certain
characteristics found throughout the
area (political, states, countries,
cities, Great Lakes)
 Functional Regions: a central place
with surrounding places affected by it
(airport, amazon river basin…)
 Perceptual Region: defined by
people’s feelings and attitudes about
areas (North East)
Movement – How people,
goods and ideas move within
the area.
Human – Environment
 how people use their environment and are affected
by it.
 Ex: Urban sprawl
Collage Project
 You will be creating a collage of your cultural and
geographical setting using the 5 elements of culture
and the 5 themes of geography.
 This will be created using Power Point
 30 points Level 2
 When finished you will add it to the drop box on
the server. I will show you in the lab.
South of
Collage Project
 Go to
 Click on the Unit 1 tab from the menu
 Follow the detailed instructional powerpoint to create
a google presentation that will be shared with your