U.S. Constitution Test Review

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U.S. Constitution
True or
Did the Articles of
Confederation divide
power of the government
among 3 branches?
What event startled Congress into calling
for a Constitutional Convention to “fix”
the Articles of Confederation?
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Tea Party
Shay’s Rebellion
American Revolution
Shays Rebellion
The biggest challenge at the Const.
Convention dealt with representation
in Congress between what 2 groups?
- eastern & western states
- northern & southern states
- farmers & railroad workers
- large and small states
large and small states
True or False
Both the New Jersey plan and Virginia
plan called for 3 branches of
What topic did the
“Great Compromise”
deal with?
Election of the president
Representation in Congress
Powers of the Supreme Court
Abolishing slavery
Representation in Congress
Why was James Madison
known as the
“Father of the Constitution?”
- He took so many notes
- He did so much research on govt’s
- His influence was so great during the
whole convention.
- He was the smartest delegate
Influence was so great!
According to the U.S. Constitution,
electors chosen by the states have
the power to choose our:
U.S. Senators
U.S. Representatives
Supreme Court justices
The main function of the
Legislative branch is to:
Make Laws
The main function of the
Executive branch is to:
Carry-Out Laws
The main function of the
Judicial branch is to:
Interpret Laws
Resolve disputes
The system of “checks and
balances” was created to
insure that no one branch
would become too _______:
The power of the Supreme
Court to declare a law
unconstitutional is called:
Judicial Review
In order for Congress to pass
laws that may not be covered
under their specific powers,
the Founding Fathers added
2 general powers known
as the:
Elastic Clause
The Constitution has lasted so
long because it not only has a
firm framework, but it also
allows the people to ______
Who has the power to ratify or
approve a treaty made by the
Who has the power to veto
laws made by Congress?
The goals of the government
are listed in the ___________.
According to the Preamble,
who has the power to run the
The People
In the Preamble, what phrase
means “maintaining peace
and order” in our country?
Insure domestic tranquility
In the Preamble, what phrase
means “to protect the U.S.
from invaders from other
“Provide for the
Common Defense”
In the Preamble, what phrase
best describes the federal
court system?
establish Justice
In the Preamble, what phrase
talks about insuring freedom
for our descendants?
secure the Blessings
of Liberty to Ourselves
and our Posterity
Which of our Founding
Fathers wrote the
Bill of Rights?
James Madison
True or False
The Bill of Rights is part of the:
Declaration of Independence (FALSE)
Articles of Confederation
Louisiana Purchase
U.S. Constitution
What branch of government
has the job of protecting the
rights in the first ten
Judicial branch
Federal Courts
What freedoms are listed
under the 1st amendment?
- Speech
- Religion
- Press
- Assemble
- Petition
What amendment protects
people and their property from
unreasonable searches?
Fourth (4th)
What amendment gives U.S.
citizens the right to own guns?
Second (2nd)
The police must tell you that
you have the right to remain
silent and not answer any
questions because of the:
___________ warning.
According to the ninth (9th)
amendment, rights that are
not listed in the Constitution
belong to the:
What amendment bans the
government from using cruel
and unusual punishments?
Eighth (8th)
A person in the U.S. does not
have to house soldiers
according to which
Third (3rd)
In order for a bill to become a
law, it must be approved by:
and signed by the:
People who supported the
new Constitution were called: