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2010 Plano ISD
Education Foundation
Employee Campaign
Touch the Heart of a Child
Plano ISD Education Foundation: committed to
helping all students in Plano public schools achieve
their full potential by providing financial support to
educators and academic programs.
Each year the Foundation gifts the Plano ISD one million dollars to support district-wide
programs that really make a difference, such as:
– Grants to Educators Program: grants to teachers and schools to enhance the
instruction of our students;
– Funding pilot programs that hold promise of closing student achievement gaps
and ensuring all students are college-ready;
– Scholarships for economically disadvantaged students to attend 5th grade camp;
– Support for professional development needs as identified by the district;
– Math and science improvement initiatives; and,
– Sponsorships of Plano ISD initiatives that recruit, retain and recognize the very
best teachers; and many more.
Touch the Heart of a Child
Supporting Our Family:
• Grants to Educators
- This year awarded $67,392 in 52 grants to 108 educators across the district
• Employee Crisis Fund
- Each year the Foundation provides funding for the employee crisis fund. This
fund provides grants to staff members in a temporary personal crisis.
• Recruit, Retain and Recognize the Very Best Teachers
– Provided STEM Innovative teachers monetary awards
– Sponsored annual Recruitment Open House
– Sponsored Teacher of the Year Gala
– Sponsored the New Teacher Luncheon
– Providing financial resources for professional development and training
Touch the Heart of a Child
Supporting Our Students:
• Providing scholarships
- Providing $50,000 in scholarships to economically disadvantaged students
for 5th grade camp
– Providing college scholarships
• Providing for college readiness programs
- Funding for the expansion of AVID
– Funding for the secondary science program
– Funding for Physics Camp
• Literacy and Parenting programs
– Funding for the Family Literacy and Family Service sites
• Superintendent Priority Fund
– Each year we provide funding for after school tutorials and transportation,
– TAKS preparation materials
Touch the Heart of a Child
What your Dollar Buys
Helping all students reach their full potential
$10 will purchase a book in a classroom to encourage reading.
$50 will allow an additional student to participate in AVID -- a college
readiness program.
$100 will provide after school tutorials for a student each semester.
$250 will allow a student the opportunity to attend 5th grade camp.
$500 will allow students to participate in a “Meet the Author” program.
$1,500 will provide teachers the resources for innovative classroom
$2,000 will allow 300 teachers the opportunity for professional STEM training.
$4,000 will provide a family with literacy skills and training for an entire year.
Touch the Heart of a Child
Lasting Results
Lasting Results
By joining your family at Plano ISD, opening your
heart and lending your time, talent and financial
resources, you become part of creating lasting
change in our school district.
Real Results in our impact areas include:
Touch the Heart of a Child
Lasting Results in Plano ISD
Nearly 20,854 students were taught with new innovative
programs through the grants to educators program
More than 300 elementary and middle school math teachers
were provided professional development training
Nearly 1518 students participated in the AVID program. 1593
pre-AP or AP courses were taken by middle and high school
AVID students and 1072 middle school students took an
honors course.
TAKS training and tutoring across the district improving 22
out of 25 state indicators.
Provided literacy and parenting training for 300 individuals
and families
Provided 700 5th grade camp scholarships
Touch the Heart of a Child
2011 Plano ISD Campaign Dates
• Principals’ Meeting
January 19
• E-mail to Coordinators/Packets Sent
February 2
• Campaign Kickoff
February 14
• Faculty Meetings
Now – Feb. 14
• Reminder e-mail - return pledge cards
February 16
• Return pledge packets to
Communications Dept.
• Thank you e-mail
Touch the Heart of a Child
February 25, 28
Early March
2011 Plano ISD Campaign Goal
Touch the Heart of a Child