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Mrs. Ponton
Welcome to fifth grade! What
an exciting journey we have
ahead of us. You are not
going to believe how much
you will grow and learn this
year. I can’t wait to get to
know you.
For the Classroom
Pencils, post-its, colored
pens, stickers, Target or
Barnes n Noble gift cards
This marks my 11th year in
education, my tenth year in 5th
grade. I earned my teaching
degree from Greenville College.
I have taught all subjects, but
Science and Social Studies are
my passion. I truly love being
in the classroom!
I have been married to my
husband Kyle for 8 years. We
have two boys- Noah (4) and
Elijah (3 months).
Mrs. P’s favorite restaurants
Jimmy Joe’s, Dunkin Donuts,
Olive Garden, Panera,
Arby’s, Starbucks
Mrs. P’s favorite day
McDonald’s Sweet Tea &
Peanut M&Ms